A Short Message on Mother’s Day


Being a mom’s not a job, it’s more like a mission

For some it’s an accident, for some a decision

Whatever the reason, the reason it’s rough

Is that you never believe you are doing enough

For these kids who at first need your help every day

But eventually don’t want you to get in their way

Then they become self-sufficient outside of your nest

Pat yourself on the back, hey you passed the test!

But it doesn’t feel finished, your love still flows

And you wait for a call, yeah that’s how it goes

So for all of you kids, yeah I’m talking to you

I have a suggestion for a great thing to do

Call her on Mother’s day and then set a reminder

To call her again next week because you will find her

Surprised in the most pleasant and wonderful way

Just talk to her even if there’s not much to say

You may be self-sufficient as a daughter or son

But to a mother her mission is never done

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