Promises, promises

2016bWho wants to join me in getting a one month jump on the new year by posting your goals now? This approach helps me focus, and making it public holds me accountable. I also publicly celebrate wins and rededicate my efforts to complete goals I fell short on.

In no particular order, here are my top personal goals for 2016:

  • Help my brother Jeff achieve his goal of raising $20,000 for MMRF as he and wife Ramona climb Mount Kilimanjaro on January 24. You can be part of helping him complete this dream by giving $25 or more at this link. There will be a short film created on their trek and I will share it first with all donors.
  • Complete the Death Ride. Last year I finished 80 of the 129 miles and 3 of the 5 mountain passes. I did not train enough or start early enough in the morning to finish it all. I can overcome both of these setbacks in 2016, and I’m looking for training buddies for high altitude training trips in May/June.
  • Achieve excellence in my job. This IS a measurable goal… my manager can give me an “Excellent” rating on my annual review. More than that I’m going to broaden the scope of the internal talk show I produce and host; learn how to edit video with Premiere and After Effects; and leave a positive and memorable impression with all the executives, engineers and communications professionals I serve.
  • Return to regular blogging. Short Stories with a Point has continued to be an outlet for stories that matter in my life and I really appreciate the dialogue with those of you who comment. I’m shifting the direction a bit to include “business” stories that will be included in my next book. Please let me know what you think!

Focus brings consistency, and consistency leads to results. Every big goal I have achieved in the last seven years began with a public promise. What will you promise yourself to do in 2016?

Jeff and Ramona’s donation page

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One Comment on “Promises, promises”

  1. I have only one. This fall I’ve started Wolski Success Partners, a Business/Life Coaching business. My goal is to help twice as many people by doubling my client list.

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