Mountain moving

Jeff_Ramona_KilimanjaroYou’ve seen mountains moved for mining, railroads and building houses with a view, but when is the last time a mountain moved you? My brother Jeff had a childhood dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and see the sweeping herds on the Serengeti plains. Now he’s going to live that dream, but it’s NOT as a thrill seeker. He’s joining a team of 3 other survivors living with multiple myeloma, oncologists and supporters taking on the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 19,341 feet.

On January 18th, 2016, the 15 member team will embark on an 11 day journey to Uhuru Peak in Tanzania, Africa. The team will travel through 5 different ecosystems, face high elevations, low temperatures, and high winds, all in the name of finding a cure! The members of Team Living Proof have each committed to raising $10,000 each to support the life-changing work done by the MMRF, accelerating innovative treatment approaches to extend the lives of patients and find a cure.

You can be part of this adventure too by giving to the cause.

Every dollar helps motivate Jeff and his wife Ramona to conquer this mountain in Africa, as well as the mountain called Multiple Myeloma. As you’ll read in Jeff’s brief story, his cancer has returned. After 5 years of relative remission, he is back on therapeutic doses of chemo, which will make it even harder to get his mind and body ready for this adventure.

The trek will be documented with video interviews, but I already know in my heart what Jeff will say. He will exhibit the same courage and fortitude you have already witnessed in the marathons we have run together. This guy does not quit. The researchers are moving mountains to find a cure, and Jeff moves me… sometimes to tears and sometimes to get my ass in gear to raise money.

Thanks for following our story and helping as much as you can. Just passing along this story online may help bring the specific dollar that finally funds the cure. Wouldn’t that be a moving moment?

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2 Comments on “Mountain moving”

  1. Nora Says:

    They will love Tanzania, and the Uhuru Peak is gorgeous. I’m glad Jeff and Ramona will get to experience this, although I’m sorry it is under these circumstances.

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