Make the most of it

DeathRide2I’m a big talker. Here I sit roughly 30 hours before the start of the Death Ride. Endurance events require a slow build of training and it takes a lot of time… time that got shifted to other life priorities over the last 3 months. Here’s a recent conversation with my friend Paul…

Paul: “David, are you ready for the 129 miles and 5 mountain passes?”

Me: “No.”

Paul: “Are you still going to do it?”

Me: “Yes.”

Paul: “That makes no sense.”

Actually, it makes perfect sense. Even if I do not finish, I will fail in a blaze of glorious effort. In other words, I will make the most of the experience.

Several cycling buddies recently reached out with public and private messages of support when I posted my doubts in Facebook. These people are the same ones I cheered on, coached and supported before and now it is coming back to me. They believe in me, so why shouldn’t I believe in me?

One thing I have learned from past events… if you plan to quit early, your mind will make sure your body follows through on that promise.

So I am planning to do all 5 passes this Saturday. I will handle the cold, the heat, the smell from the forest fire, the 15000 feet of climbing and lack of oxygen. I will settle in and slog it out. My mother taught me never to talk to strangers, but I will be doing that as well. The only thing that can stop me is an injury or mechanical failure.

Here we go, Mr. Goad. Let’s make the most of it.

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4 Comments on “Make the most of it”

  1. Paul Heinisch Says:

    Good luck David! I know you will make us proud!

  2. Ron Says:

    However it turns out, Dave, you’re a winner!

    Forget about making us proud, we already are. Make yourself as proud as you should be.

    We should all have your resolve! Go do it! (Safely!)

  3. Jeff G Says:

    Go brother go!
    Remember those uphill drafting techniques we discussed and the saddle is just an extension of your sore keister:) Relish it all, highs and lows because that’s how we know we’re livin!

  4. Pam Says:

    Go get it, David!! Whether you make it every single mile or not, I’m prouder than proud of you!!! I believe you’ll do it though:)

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