We’ve got each other

Kathleen_Hector_2I was aggravated by the truck that blocked my way in the Prime Nutrition parking lot, and had to go around the long way to get out. Then I recognized the old couple under the shady tree on this hot June day.

We had delivered thanksgiving meals to Kathleen and her companion Hector back in Thanksgiving, and she had delivered a message to me too… that even the drug addicts around town needed food and love too.

I pulled over my car and hopped out. “Hey, do you remember me?”

Kathleen smiled from ear to ear. “Of course I do! Who are you?”

“I’m David. We met last November. Are you two getting plenty of cold water and food today?”

Hector leaned up on his elbow and said, “Every little bit helps.”

I always seem to have only big bills in my wallet when I’m feeling compelled to give, so I gave them each a twenty and said “Keep yourself hydrated, it’s hot out here.”

Kathleen asked if she could hug me and I reached out to hug her first. She was thanking me and thanking God in my ear.

Hector reached out to shake my hand and said “Tell me a story.”

I chuckled. “You’re talking to someone with hundreds of stories my friend. Can you narrow it down?”

“Tell me the story of how you found God.”

“Well, how do you know I found God?”

“Because you wouldn’t be here right now if you didn’t.”

I pulled up a patch of grass and told them the story of my first deep spiritual experience at church camp as a teenager. They shared their favorite bible verses and I shared a few of mine. Kathleen shared how she broke her arm falling on some steps, and how frustrating it was not to be able to do everything she wanted to do. Hector comforted her with a hand on her knee as she started to cry.

My tears also started to flow, but I wiped them away so I could be an encourager to her too. “Hang in there Kathleen. Every day brings opportunity.”

She smiled a wide smile at Hector. “Yeah… we don’t have a lot, but we have each other.”

I asked if I could take a picture so I could remember them, and they were thrilled to pose for me. Kathleen touched my arm and told me to come visit anytime.

What an amazing couple of human beings I just spent some quality time with. I believe God put that truck in my way so I would drive by them at a time when they needed it. They reminded me that even if you lose everything you own, you don’t lose your humanity.

And you can still be at peace.

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3 Comments on “We’ve got each other”

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story David. I see life the same way. There are lessons and miracles and messages out there. We just have to be present, have our eyes open and see. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Connie Boeglin Martin Says:

    Wonderful story, David, and a lesson to us all! I’m with Alicia, sometimes an inconvenience is really an opportunity if we just look for it. And thank heavens for facebook and re-connecting with you after so many years – your thoughtfulness, insight, and goodness spreads across the country, David! 🙂

  3. VK Bussen Says:

    I love your stories David. In a flash I was transported back to our church camp days and said a prayer of thanksgiving for all those opportunities and for you. Thank you, David, keep telling those stories 😉

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