Lessons from one specific little dog

zoe_window2There’s a dog who has brought joy to our family for over 8 years. Some of you will remember Zoe as the creative wake-up artist in the early musings on my Facebook wall. We’ve learned several lessons from this fluffy white princess:

  • It’s more fun if you hang around where people are.
  • You can get away with a lot if you know how to make a cute face.
  • When you do something good, you deserve a treat.
  • If you stick your head out the window, you’ll take in a lot more of the scenery and smells.
  • Laying out in the sun and doing nothing is a fine use of time.
  • In-N-Out burgers are tasty but you shouldn’t eat them all the time.
  • Running around naked after a bath is fun and dries you off faster.
  • Don’t eat weird stuff.
  • If your house is being approached by a stranger, you have a right to defend yourself.
  • If you want someone to wake up and play, it’s OK to poke their arm.
  • Even if you are fully capable of walking, it’s nice to be carried sometimes.

Why share this now? Our sweet little Zoe just left this world for the next. She went peacefully, without pain, and is now smiling and wagging her tail in a grassy park filled with endless treats, chin scratches and tummy rubs. We are grateful for what we learned from her, and celebrate the legacy she left behind. We love you too, Zoe.

Want to share what you’ve learned from your animals?

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9 Comments on “Lessons from one specific little dog”

  1. Julie DuVal Says:

    There is not enough time to share all I’ve learned and receive from my pets. They are my joy and frustration each day. Their eyes tell a story and the story always involves how much they love their humans! And I, in turn, love them right back.

    So sorry Dave – I know how difficult it is to lose a four-legged family member.

  2. Eric Davis Says:

    Dogs are people too, and as such each has a variant on your account of your sweetie, but what you say about her applies pretty well as is to our Jessie as well, who thankfully is still with us (and is snoozing on the couch next to me as I’m typing this). All I could add would be from a bumper sticker I saw. We got Jessie from Animal Control in Chicago. She is in other words what some call a “rescue dog.” The sticker, to which I subscribe, was a paw print with a caption reading “Who Rescued Who?” She has indeed rescued all four of us, collectively and individually.

  3. John Yonan Says:

    I know how much you loved Zoe. I am very sorry that you didn’t have more time with her. We love our pets as children and it leaves a significant gap in our lives when they are no longer with us. The fun memories of her will be cherished by your whole family and friends. Take care my friend!

  4. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. I’m glad you learned from ur furry one and even more glad she was loved. I say this with tears in my eyes as I feel your pain. time will help you live without her. I lost my dog in June of 2013 and fell into depression and self destruction for almost two yrs. Dogs are very special and we learn so much from them from how to be happy and enjoy the simplest things in life to what it truly means to love and be loved with no strings attached. I always say, it hurts like sh… to lose a furry one but i would not trade the time and experiences for anything in the world. she has crossed the rainbow and you will see her again one day.


  5. Lauren Says:

    So very sad. Ezra stands in solidarity with her in defense of hearth and home. Sending love.

  6. Amy Peeples Says:

    Our four legged loved one has been battling bone cancer since October. You can find x herbs from her day today for the last month on facebook at Rogues journey.

    She will be leaving to go play with your furry friend on Saturday. She will play endless ball and tug of war. In all my life I’ve never seen a creature that happy all the time. She has two moods happy and super happy. Once she got through the puppy stage mishaps and mischief rarely happened. she was good with toddlers, children, all animals, old people and anyone to whom we said “be nice”. Rogue was about scratch my butt rub, my belly, throw me the ball, and what trick shall I do for a treatand what trick shall I do for a treat. I learned love, kindness and a tolerance for everyonefrom her. All the mail carriers in our neighborhood know her as the sweet friendly dog that sounds like she is going to eat you.

    Thanks for the moment!!

  7. Tina Machado Says:

    David so sorry for your for the loss of your fur baby. They all have a great place in our hearts. My Sofie sends Kiss and Tail wags to you and your family

  8. Srini.arumalla@gmail.com Says:

    David I m extremly sorry for your loss..

  9. Jeff G Says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news about Zoe. I’m glad we got to see her in Nov, and witness how special she was to your family. I think I might know 3 letters that will be on your race bib at the end of April.
    We’ve been through the process 2 times and it really takes time to grieve and adjust to their absence.
    Condolences to the whole family

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