Oh geez did I just say that out loud?

2015bWhy should you care about my goals for 2015? You could just scroll on by and dismiss me as another loud-mouthed, middle-aged bucket list chaser. Or you could read between the lines and follow the formula that has worked so well for me for over 6 years now… Make a decision. Make it public. Make it happen.

This is the public part. I post my measurable goals on social media and it does two things for me. 1) I feel accountable because others are watching. 2) I get help and advice from all you natural coaches and good friends who care.

Quick recap:  In 2014 I accomplished 2 of my 3 major goals.

  1. I completed the 140.6 mile Lake Placid Ironman in 15:41 and raised over $6000 for MMRF.
  2. I developed not one but 2 speeches for the annual Toastmasters contest.
  3. My third goal was to write a new book, but I did not.  That’s right, a big failure to start. I also skated up a mountain and few other crazy things that were not on my list, but that’s the way life goes. You roll with the waves and make adjustments. So I’m rolling this goal over to next year.

So here we go for 2015, in no particular order:

  1. Complete my second book. Title and content to be announced.
  2. Complete an Ironman 70.3 in under 6:30. (Last time I finished this same Napa race in 7:30, and my only goal was survival. This time I’m training for faster speed and transitions.)
  3. Complete the Death Ride on July 11. It’s 5 mountains. 129 miles. 15,000 feet of climbing. The goal is survival. Nuff said.
  4. Maintain an excellent rating in my job at Cisco.
  5. Develop two speeches worth hearing for the Toastmasters contest. I just can’t not do this 🙂

I’ve already started training for the athletic goals, and I even think I have the concept for the book already. No time like the present to pursue what you want. Now comes step #3 of my formula. Make it happen.

I appreciate you following my journey and throwing advice at me, whether I ask for it or not. Nothing I have ever achieved was accomplished alone. Have an awesome 2015, my friends!

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