Wrap your head around it

Finish-LineSince I finished my first full Iron Man in July, I have received compliments from several friends. Many are athletes who are far stronger than me at running, cycling and swimming. However, there is something intimidating about putting all three sports together that strikes fear into their strong hearts.

One particular friend (I’ll call him Joe) told me, “I just can’t wrap my head around 140 miles and all three sports in one day.”

I responded with all honesty and no hesitation, “I know you can do it, Joe. I know for a fact you can do it because I know how strong you are. Just put in the work and go for it.”

I know Joe can do it because I learned something about myself over the last 5 years. I’ve said it several times…I’m not anyone special and I’m not a natural athlete. I just dare to do a little more than most people my age, and I put in the work. And when things get tough, I have my fundraising purpose to pull me through.

Most of you have stretched yourselves to some extent in your life on different risks and challenges. And each time you overcame the odds it was because you made the commitment, made it public and put in the work. This formula is consistently the same for all achievements. It’s just a matter of scale.

So if you don’t think you can wrap your head around a package as big as the Ironman, start with smaller packages and wrap them one at a time. At some point you will be able to wrap them all together and discover something amazing about yourself… that truly, you can do anything.

Please comment if one of my posts helped get you started on your fitness journey. And please let us all know how you are doing today. We are in this together my friends, and I can’t wait to see you cross that next finish line!

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4 Comments on “Wrap your head around it”

  1. Watching your progress helped me get motivated to get out the door and get started….and then wrap my head around a bigger idea – if I can do a 5K, why not 10? If 10, why not a 1/2….and a full marathon? Why the heck not? Big ideas start with getting out the door and getting started.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Thanks for reporting in Other David 🙂 You have done some amazing things in the last couple of years. I am impressed and honored to be your friend!

  2. Srini Says:

    Well, I am doing good. I moved out from Tracy due to my commute. I am sure every one gets some thing from your blogs when they read it. Keep it up.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Srini! So good to hear from you and we miss you at Toastmasters. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

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