Accepting exceptions

lakeplacidThere’s an exception to every rule, right? You can tell yourself you’re not going to eat THAT, and that you’re going to put in ALL the miles, but life and lack of willpower just get in the way sometimes, don’t they? You have to make a few exceptions in any plan. It’s inevitable.

Here we are… 2 weeks before the Ironman and I’ve been training for 6 months. I knew that if I missed too many workouts or quit early on any of them, I would not have the conditioning needed for 16 hours of swim/bike/run in Lake Placid. But guess what? Life got in the way. I had to work late. I had to travel. It was raining. I was too tired. In other words, I had to make some exceptions.

What happened next is what mattered most for me. I jumped right back on the train after falling off each time. I didn’t kick myself for the exception or add extra miles to the next workout. I just accepted what happened and started up again where I left off.  I’ve learned that a good habit takes 30 days to establish, but a bad habit can take hold immediately… if I let it.

I made my Iron Man objectives clear from the start: I’m going to prove to myself that anything is possible at any age, and raise money to find a Multiple Myeloma cure in my brother Jeff’s lifetime. With a higher purpose like that, no minor exception is going to get in my way. Accepting the exceptions and doing the work has now brought me to an exceptional starting line. And I am ready.

Please donate a few dollars HERE if you can to support our mission. It’s great to have so many of you exceptional friends riding along with us!

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2 Comments on “Accepting exceptions”

  1. Ron Says:

    Go, Dave, Go!

    I’ve never seen you take on anything you didn’t manage to accomplish, if the outcome was under your control.

    And we believe in you, without exception!

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