Best day ever

David_Jerry2I was asked recently, “What was your best day ever in your job?” I gave an answer without hesitation. It was the day I hosted a live TV show at Cisco with 4 panelists, taking questions from an online audience along with a teleprompter and a director talking in my ear. I had conducted plenty of webinars before, but never attempted a show in a real studio with this level of lights, camera and action.

It was my best day ever because I pulled it off. And because I said yes to something that was way out of my comfort zone. If you follow this blog, you know I’ve been saying yes to hard things for over 6 years now. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but never let any of them embarrass me into giving up or retreating back to the status quo.

How would you answer the question? What was your best day? The first thing that just popped into your mind was something that gave you joy. And it’s probably an obvious clue to what you should be doing more of. Some folks like to quietly unravel puzzles that no one else can solve. Some like developing talent, or building things or closing a big deal.

Me? I like to put on a show… a show with a purpose. Ever since my Kindergarten teacher had to call my mother because I refused to relinquish the stage during Show and Tell, I’ve shown signs of courage in front of an audience. I love to inform, entertain and inspire. I love the interaction, the laughter and the moments of pensive silence. I love it when just one person tells me afterwards that I made a difference for them. That’s why I will continue to seek opportunities to do this.

I hope you’re doing the same, looking for what gives you joy in your work. If you can’t think of a best day ever, or even a pretty good day, it might be time to open yourself up to change. I know you have to feed your family, but to be your best… I believe you also have to feed your spirit.

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