Doing the work now

swim“1 – 2 – 3 – 4 breathe. And 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 breathe. My shoulders can’t take this! Remember to kick or my legs will sink. Chin down, don’t look up. Rotate to breathe. Why is my foot cramping and how will I rub it in the middle of a lake?” This was the talk track in my brain as I reached a new milestone in the indoor pool last night. 3900 yards in 1 hour 45 minutes! Just 300 yards shy of what I need to do for the Ironman in July.

I’ve got four more months to train. Why push myself so hard now?

Marathon? Done it. Century ride? Done it. Swim 2.4 miles? Never done it. Before I jump into Lake Placid I need to know that I am capable, not just believe that I am capable. The concept is simple… do the work now and it will pay off later.

I learned this from my brother Jeff, who coached me through my first marathon over 4 years ago. He taught me that there is no substitute for doing the work. He also taught me about the run/walk method and incremental improvement; about making adjustments and varying my stride to use different muscles; about the importance of breathing and relaxation. And most importantly, by watching him go through treatment for Multiple Myeloma and kick it’s ass, he taught me about perseverance.

This Ironman is a huge step up from anything I’ve done before. I’m asking so much more of myself because I’m asking more of my friends to give to the MMRF. Many of you have already given to support the research that has saved my brother’s life. If you can afford to give more, please do. If you can’t, please share this story with your friends. Either way I am grateful.

If we do the work now, it will pay off later for so many. Click here to give, and write in any amount you choose. Thank you… it will be good to have you on our team!

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2 Comments on “Doing the work now”

  1. Joe Franklin Says:

    David, I am so impressed! I can’t even imagine doing all three on the same day. I have done many Sprint triathlons here in southern California with the swim in the ocean. My motivation has always been to imagine sharks are chasing me! Turns out this is now not too far off reality as some “juvenile” great white sharks have been spotted in the area. They are “only” 8-10 feet long and we are assured by the marine experts they have no appetite for humans. Hmmm. Even more motivation to swim fast! Keep it up and congrats to Jeff!

  2. David. Your friends believe in you because you believe in yourself. Instead of The Little Engine saying, “I think I can”, your motto is “I know I can”. I am so proud of you and will be following you throughout your training (via your Blogsite).

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