2014 Goals: Go Big

???????????????????????????????????????????????????Make a decision. Make it public. Make it happen. This formula has worked well for me the last 6 years. I completed all but one goal for 2013, which was “write my second book.” No excuses… I just didn’t get it done. I did, however, take on 5 stand-up comedy performances and several motivational speeches for non-profits which I hadn’t planned on. I also skated up a mountain. Hey… they’re my goals and I reserve the right to substitute.

Now I continue my momentum into 2014 with these 3 “Go Big” goals:

  1. Complete the Lake Placid Ironman in 15 hours and raise $5000 for MMRF. I have a date (July 27), a worthy cause, and 8 months to train. 140.6 miles total = 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 run. This will be the most intense athletic challenge I have ever attempted, but I have already visualized crossing the finish line and high fiving my brother Jeff there. I also visualize taking a very long nap afterwards.
  2. Write and publish my second book. I have to transfer this goal forward from the 2013 list and git ‘er done. Writing for me is usually not a chore, it is a release. The trick is narrowing the spray nozzle down into a coherent stream. I plan to self-publish, but remain open to publishing/marketing partnerships. And there will be book-signing parties with really yummy appetizers.
  3. Develop one speech worth hearing. This goal sounds subjective and it is. I enter the annual Toastmasters International speech contest not with a goal of winning, but to push myself to deliver an important message. The contest offers some measurement of my effectiveness as I will be judged by experienced speakers. I’ll post the video after I have gone as far as I can go. And if you want to book me as a speaker, speak to me.

There you have it… 3 challenging but achievable goals that are above and beyond my regular day job. There are many little things that will go into making these big things a reality. I invite you to follow me, coach me and cheer me on, as I have not accomplished a single goal on my own… going big is always a team effort.

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One Comment on “2014 Goals: Go Big”

  1. Paul Heinisch Says:

    Nice goals David – I know you will get there!

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