The beautiful people

Kim-Kardashian2You can define beauty however you want to, but I don’t think the most beautiful people are the ones with the most red carpet photos or Twitter followers. Nor the ones with the most perfect cheekbones or bikini bodies. It’s awesome to be fit and attractive on the outside, but beauty on the inside is something that deserves just as much admiration in my book.

Beautiful is the aging veteran who sits on a street corner and waves to passersby just to make them smile.

Beautiful is the teenage boy who gives up his Saturday to volunteer on Spay Day at the local animal shelter.

Beautiful is the person who gives to charity even when on a tight budget.

Beautiful are those who give their time when a friend is in need.

I’ve seen a lot of sadness and a lot of beauty this past year… probably equal amounts of both. I look hard to see the beauty in people, because that’s what gets me through life. Beautiful is what I want to remember. And beautiful is what I aspire to be.

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One Comment on “The beautiful people”

  1. Thank you, David, for acknowledging Ashton. He is quite the young man, and for acknowledging all the other “unknown soldiers” who touch our lives and our hearts every day.

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