I may be a little off, but it’s on

Skateman3_blogI thought it would take at least 2 weeks to raise $3000 with a crazy dare. It only took 2 days. You responded to the Skateman Mountain Challenge so generously, that we even crossed the $8000 mark today! Starting at 10am this Sunday, October 6th, I will climb the most challenging incline in Tracy on my vintage roller skates with a red cape and Sponge-Bob boxers.

I’m making adjustments for safety, adding a lead car and follow car, and riding my bike down the hill instead of skating. I am confident I could do a controlled descent, but I don’t want to give any crazy kids a reason to do anything crazy. I’m a professional… I CAN try this at home.

As I was training last night, my wheels rolled over the rough asphalt and almost slowed me to a stop. But just like when my brother got stopped in his tracks with his Multiple Myeloma diagnosis, I leaned in, pushed harder and kept going. I learned that from Jeff. Keep your eyes forward and keep moving.

The mountain is an obvious metaphor. And when I reach the top of Patterson Pass on Sunday, I will do my crazy legs dance and salute my inspirational brother as well as all the other people living with cancer and kicking its ass.  Best of all, I will be doing it surrounded by friends and family who care about me. That’s the way most survivors survive, isn’t it?

You can join this epic climb by donating a few dollars or sharing this story in social media. Yeah I may be a little off… but it’s on!

Donate here, thank you!

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One Comment on “I may be a little off, but it’s on”

  1. Paul Heinisch Says:

    I know you can do it David – you have proven yourself worthy of completely these goals in the past! I will not be able to be there to cheer you on, but I know you will have enough people in my absents to help motivate you. Good luck and post your finish on you tube so we all can witness.

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