Don’t quit your night job

DGComedy2I walked in two hours early, just to get a feel for the stage and environment. It’s a preparation method I learned doing Toastmasters speech contests. I strolled past the framed pictures of famous comedians who have entertained at Tommy T’s over the years, and asked myself “Do I really belong here?”

Of course I do! Why not?

I’ve been an entertainer since kindergarten, when the teacher reported to my mom that I had a hard time staying within the time limit at show and tell. I had a hard time staying within my 10 minutes last night too, but I got more laughter than I predicted in practice. I had quite a few friendly faces in the crowd, and did my best to deliver the greatest hits from my two previous 20-minute performances.

Click here to watch the 13-minute set! (PG-13)

I had a dream as a kid of standing on a big stage making people laugh. I have no illusions about quitting my day job to try and make a living doing comedy on the road. It’s just a hobby, but it sure is fun! I can see that I have a lot to learn and an opportunity to improve my speaking skills. So why not?

This all started by me saying yes to enter a comedy competition. After saying yes, I pulled my act together. That thing you never thought you could really do may be possible after all. Go ahead and sign up, and then figure out how to pull it off.

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2 Comments on “Don’t quit your night job”

  1. Proud and inspired David. Don’t ever quit your night job or any of your other dreams.

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