Use the Catalyst – Part 2

brainIn the recent post, Use the Catalyst, I shared how I transformed my body to be more fit and healthy. It started out as a weight loss mission, but evolved into something else entirely. I found a new formula for living that crossed over into everything I took on. “Make a decision. Make it public. Make it happen.”

I shared “before” and “after” photos to show how my body had changed, but I wish I could show you a photo of how my mind has changed. Like many of you, I was not always proactive. I used to just let things happen to me and then react. This works fine for basic survival, but there’s a lot more to living than mastering the bottom layer of Maslow’s pyramid.

Athletic goals are a good place to start reaching for more, because they are so clear and measurable. Run a race on this date and finish in this time. You can break down what you need to do to get ready, make mistakes and adjustments and then accomplish your goal. Or not.

Other life goals can be more complex, especially in relationships and careers where you must work with others and navigate emotions to get what you want. I have found that my formula still works for the most part. State what you want, break it down, try for it, make adjustments, try again, and eventually succeed. Or not.

The moment of truth in any of these endeavors is that “or not” moment. This is where quitting usually happens. You completely forget the catalyst that originally got you going and settle back into status quo. You proved yourself right… it wasn’t really possible after all. Well, you think you proved yourself right, but you are absolutely wrong.

You are capable of far more than you think you are. I’m sharing my story as just one small example of what’s possible if you can keep going after you experience “or not.” There are many great stories of achievement in youtube if you need even more inspiration.

Maybe my story, or Michelle’s story, will work as external catalysts for you. But I am telling you the catalyst that truly fuels the fire of achievement must come from inside you… something that is important to you or to the people you love.

Find that purpose first… and then follow the formula: Make a decision. Make it public. Make it happen.

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