Keepin’ it light

comedyI’ve given a few intentionally humorous speeches in my day, mostly in Toastmasters. I’ve given a few unintentionally humorous speeches in my job, mostly when asking for more budget. Last Friday night I attempted stand-up comedy for the first time. I took this challenge to stretch myself, get up in front of a crowd and laugh at my own absurdity and the crazy world we live in.

I salute MC Conrad, Ye Olde Dogs Steakhouse, and the other comedians who took the plunge in the amateur contest that night. I “expanded” my vocabulary from the regular “G” rating to “PG13” to help get more laughs, though it probably killed my chances of ever working for Disney. So if you don’t mind a little mild language and mature subject matter, check out my 24-minute comedy set here.

Note: The facts have been twisted, and in some cases completely fabricated, for the sake of humor. So please don’t take any offense if you feel you are a target of any of this commentary. It’s critical to maintain your sense of humor… at your age.

Based on crowd applause I was fortunate to win the $150 first prize, which I donated to MMRF. What I will really take with me from this experience is the liberating power of laughter, and the smiling faces of so many good friends who came to support me and just flat out have a good time on a Friday night. I was so grateful that we could come together and forget about the evening news for a while.

Keep it light… and you keep your sanity.

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One Comment on “Keepin’ it light”

  1. LaRhonda Smith Says:

    You were awesome!Loved it.It felt great to laugh again!Thanks for sharing and for making my day!Love ya.

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