Been there, tried that

Have you ever received advice from a friend about something that could improve your life, and you replied with that famous phrase “I already tried that?” The implication is that you failed the first time so it’s not worth the effort. That’s human nature… no one wants to waste time, but maybe you should ask yourself if it’s worth a second look.

Take job searching for instance. The last time you tried going after that job you wanted there were certain economic conditions, certain people in charge and the sting of a “no” answer in a friendly rejection letter. But guess what? Times are changing, the economy is slowly picking back up and new leadership in that company may be looking for someone like you.

Maybe you attempted an athletic activity that resulted in injury or lackluster results? Yes, you already tried that, but maybe you didn’t have the right equipment, coaching or mindset to succeed at the time? Maybe it’s worth another try.

I try not to repeat mistakes whenever possible. However, I also like to look back occasionally and ask myself if something really was a mistake, or just a result of bad timing and environment. Maybe it’s time to try again.

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