The power of yet

It was the morning after the book signing, and I got a message from a high school friend saying he was sorry he had to miss the event. He had already ordered “Getting to the Point” online and wanted to get it signed. He added, “Oh, one more thing… my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 9 months ago.”

I felt instant solidarity with him, and made time to squeeze in a lunch meeting that day. To my surprise, he arrived at the restaurant with his wife on his arm. I guess I just wasn’t expecting her to be there and I was a little nervous about it. The only other Myeloma patient I had ever talked to was my brother Jeff.

I signed 3 books for them and we talked together for an hour and a half. I shared my story, and Jeff’s story, and then sipped my coffee as she shared hers. I felt honored to hear the courage in her voice, and it reminded me of the same determination I have heard from my brother.

Then she said something that caught me off guard. She brushed her hair back behind her ear, looked down at the table and said, “This disease is manageable, but it is not curable. There is no cure.”

Before I could stop the words from coming out of my mouth, I said “You mean there is no cure…YET.”

She took a breath, and I mentally kicked myself, “Oh no… did I just lecture a cancer patient on her positive attitude?”

She paused and she smiled. And then she said, “You’re right. There is no cure… yet.”

In that moment, the three of us were in silent agreement about the power of that word “YET.” When you say YET, it means that something is coming. YET means that it’s only a matter of time. YET means that there is hope.

If someone in your life is facing a battle with cancer, the most loving acts you can do for them are to raise money for research, be there when they need you, and remind them that there is hope. Hope can be just as important as good medical care and nutrition.

Words matter so much when the stakes are so high. Don’t forget… the power of YET.

All proceeds from the sale of “Getting to the Point” in 2012 go to cancer research. Learn more here.

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5 Comments on “The power of yet”

  1. Roland Says:

    Dave, there is so much to say, and so much to add to “yet.” It is but the end of only a chapter, not the book. I have graduated to a Law Of Attraction practitioner, and the first thing we drill on any listener is the concept that “anything can happen.” The next thing we drill is that our thinking determines our reality, and not just in retrospect. Too many miracles happen all the time to ignore the potential of having one. LOA is brother to faith, which also teaches the reality of miracles. Zen Buddhism teaches us that “We are what we think. All that we are is the result of our thoughts.” This is not a figure of speech. LOA teaches that “sickness cannot live in a healthy emotional body.” Do these three teachings seem to have a similar trend of spirit? We must open ourselves to the reality of miracles. Let people say that it’s an anomaly of recovery. Let them say the doctors were mistaken in their diagnosis. Let them criticize, harass and doubt. We have the choice of believing what we want. All the miracles that will happen, are harbored in the time capsule of “yet.”

    What is a time capsule for if not to be opened? Think it… believe it… attract it… His will be done. After all. Why would He will anything less than a miracle? Let us receive His gifts. Some just haven’t arrived … yet.

    Great article!


  2. Ron Says:


    Your Mom and I couldn’t have been prouder of all you guys yesterday. Congratulations on finishing the Chicago Marathon, and ahead of last year’s time! But most of all, congratulations to you all 3 for being the men you have become.
    Hopefully, we haven’t seen anything YET!


  3. Chris Says:

    Dear Big Dave,
    What a wonderful evening we had last Thursday. It was SO great to see, talk, share, laugh, and just hang out with you again, I prayed for you and your brothers Sunday morning for your day running the marathon. Congrats for all you are accomplishing! May you have YET another blessed day!!


    Little Dave’s Mom

  4. Patricia Says:


    I believe you are right on! I would add that in saying you have hope one is saying to themselves they are willing to live with the unknown and to perhaps live without fear and resentment!
    Fear and resentment sets off a cascade of chemistry in your body that may later cause illness if one isn’t trying to live a healthier more harmonius, forgiving life!
    Love Mom

  5. Says:

    Almost missed reading this…would have been a great loss.
    So touched by what you wrote, my prayers & love to your family.

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