The David Goad World Tour

OK, I don’t know if one city qualifies as a world tour, but I gotta start somewhere. As the Jackson 5 used to sing it “I’m going back to Indiana,” visiting family for a few days prior to running the Chicago marathon with my brother Jeff on October 7th.

Due to popular demand, I am doing a book signing event on October 3rd at Apres Jack’s Martini and Cognac bar at 96th and Meridian in Indy.

It will be a happy hour gathering from 5:00-7:00pm and I’m looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with any friends willing to meet up. If you already bought a book online, bring it to be signed. I will also bring books so you can buy one on the spot. All the proceeds go to the MMRF!

I’ll get there early and grab a few tables, and feel free to hangout and talk as long as you want.  Dress is nice casual. There is a nice restaurant next door if you want to bring your spouse for dinner, and there is live music starting at 8pm if you want to stick around in the bar. My apologies in advance – I get chatty when I drink.

Please send me a message if you’re planning to come so I know what to plan for. I’m SO looking forward to this! If I sell all my books, I promise to breakdance… without breaking anything.

Watch video intro from the first signing

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One Comment on “The David Goad World Tour”

  1. Sean Dyer Says:

    That’s awesome dude! Keep up them signings!

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