Put your whole self in

Hands down, the best part of the Hokey Pokey is when you put your whole self into the middle of the circle and shake it all about. If you’re on skates, you have to minimize the head shaking so you don’t end up on the floor in a vertigo-induced face plant. But isn’t it fun to flail your limbs with reckless abandon, just for the pure joy of it?

I’ve been throwing my whole self in to a lot of things this year… book publishing, long runs, short runs, mud runs, long rides, mountain climbs and fundraising activities. Each one had an element of crazy or impossible attached to it, but I went after them anyway. And I gotta tell you, it’s pretty satisfying to check off all my resolutions from January.

All except one.

The Chicago Marathon is coming October 7th, and I promised to complete it by the side of my brothers Jeff and Brad. I’ve already pestered all of you repeatedly to share the story and give if you can, and I am so grateful that you responded so far with over $5000 in donations. (Still time to give here.)

Honestly, the challenge for me with this event is not covering the 26.2 miles. It’s an emotional challenge. I’ve been invited to speak, along with Jeff, to MMRF volunteers and patients at a reception the day before the race. I am a seasoned speaker with Toastmaster credentials and right now I have absolutely no idea what I want to say.

Perhaps it will be best to just speak what comes to my heart in that moment. I have invested a lot of time in athletic challenges and fundraising, but it’s all really nothing compared to what these survivors have been through. I don’t really KNOW what they feel, but I want them to know how much we love and support them.

Whatever happens that day, and the day of race… I will be grateful; grateful for every step Jeff has the strength to take; grateful for the support network of family and friends who work to raise money for a cure; and grateful that I have an opportunity to make a small difference in all this.

Whatever happens, I will throw my whole self in.

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3 Comments on “Put your whole self in”

  1. Dawna Bate Says:

    David – You just said here everything that you need to say that day. Very powerful. No hokiness – just straight from the hear and no pokiness on those goals – congratulations on your success this year.

  2. Faith Says:

    There’s your thesis statement for your speech. “I don’t really KNOW what they feel, but I want them to know how much we love and support them.” Just go from there from the heart.

  3. By stating that you don’t really know what survivors feel IS putting your whole self in. Meaning quite often we can apply ourselves, give, show up….but if mentally and emotionally we don’t participate, we can’t really say we put our whole selves in. So bravo for putting your mind and heart in to admit this. Surviving is challenging as a trek all its own. The challenges themselves are not just about milestones but every hour. There are dark moments and light moments throughout. But showing up inspite if those moments regardless is part of what makes a survivor….survive. It takes courage and bravery to do so. And an attitude of gratitude for every step and breath is everything.

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