The SpongeBob Payoff

Whether you call it a shameless publicity stunt or sincere effort to raise money for cancer research, you are right. I laid down a challenge that I would roller skate 1 mile for every $50 raised in a 2-week period and my generous friends came through with $510!! So I am skating 10 miles today at 4:30pm, from Hidden Lake to the Tracy Mall and back. In SpongeBob boxer shorts. And a cape.

I’m going through the middle of town at rush hour on Labor Day Weekend, and my trusty sidekick Sean will be capturing the event in video and still photos. If you would like your own reaction shot featured in the video, come out and watch. I’m going up Macarthur, across Schulte, up Tracy Blvd, and out Grantline to the mall. We’ll stop for burritos near Raley’s on the way home.

The point of this story is very simple. I am willing to do anything to draw attention to a cause that is near to my heart. Multiple Myeloma has no cure, but the science is advancing faster and faster thanks to donations from people like you. You can still donate online at this site.

My brother Jeff is a Multiple Myeloma survivor and still battling the disease. He seems to get a kick out of me acting the fool to raise money. I get a kick out of knowing he’s smiling about it.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the actual event. Enjoy!


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3 Comments on “The SpongeBob Payoff”

  1. Dawna Bate Says:

    I can’t drop by, David, but I’ll be cheering for you. I’m also cheering for Jeff and everyone else who suffers from Multiple Myeloma.

  2. Sean Dyer Says:

    I can’t hardly wait!

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