The Life-Driven Purpose

Finding a role model and reading about what they do will make you rich, right?  If you do something that brings you joy, it won’t feel like work, right? Just find the right purpose and everything falls into place, right? No, no and no. I have found that knowledge, joy and purpose are not enough.

Knowledge.  Take it from a guy who has at least 50 unread books in his office right now – owning the book does not make you smarter. You’ve got to read it all the way through and do your best to apply the principles in your life.

Joy. Happiness can be its own reward, but does not always help you make a living. I have found many new things I love to do, none of which bring me any income. You have to compare the lists of what you love and what you’re good at to determine what can pay your bills.

Purpose. Ahhh… purpose. No great thing was achieved without it, but just having a clear mission statement is not enough. If you don’t actually put in the work, you will not get the results you want. I think doing things in your life and learning from failure may drive the purpose forward, not the other way around.

Learn from good mentors, seek out joy and define your purpose. These are all preparation steps for the real adventure… taking action. If you put in the work, your life-driven purpose may become your legacy.

Can you share an example of how much work you put into your last great achievement?

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