Dodging a bullet

I wasn’t sure if I should write about this but I’m feeling compelled to.  I had a health scare last week.  Without going into TMI territory, let’s just say I had a thing that could have been “something,” but turned out to be “nothing.” I worried about the something for four long days before I got the test results that said it was nothing.

That moment of relief when the doctor delivered the good news is now permanently etched in my memory, and the next morning’s sun looked a little brighter to me.  I dodged a bullet.

And then my thoughts turned to those of you who have received the opposite news. I won’t name all the names, but you know who you are.  You are living with a “something” right now that has changed your life. My four days of uncertainty is really nothing compared to what you are going through, but it helped me develop a whole new level of respect for you. Your courage and ability to go on living life to its fullest is even more impressive to me now.

When the bullet is a near miss, it is a motivator. Just like in the old Western movie shootouts, you don’t sit around and wait for the next bullet… you take off running or fight back even harder. And when a bullet actually hits you, survival instincts kick in and your reaction escalates to a whole new level. Either way, sitting still is not an option. 

I used to try to hide under the virtual stairs when I played Halo with my son and his friends, and I quickly learned that they could find me and take me out without much effort. I switched my strategy to jumping into a jeep and driving like a madman around the landscape shouting “Wahoo!!”  I got laughed at by the teenagers, but at least I was moving forward and much harder to hit.

So whether the next bullet is a hit or a near miss, I’m going to keep moving and living a full life. I have already drawn strength and inspiration from you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Please don’t stop fighting.

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6 Comments on “Dodging a bullet”

  1. Glad your ‘something’ ended up being ‘nothing’ – but even with the ‘nothing’ you got ‘something’ out of the experience, and that’s what matters most.

    Life with ‘something’ isn’t always a doom place either, David. Look at your brother, for starters. Look what he’s done with his ‘something’ – still doesn’t let it get him down. The same can be said for the rest of us members in the ‘something’ club – life shifts, perspective changes, certain things don’t matter anymore, and in certain ways, other things really do matter more.

    Fighting the good fight is really about survival and you keep going.
    If you get a ‘scare’ – it’s a wake-call to really take stock in what DOES matter in life so that you CAN keep going and start living it fully and on real terms.

    I’m relieved to know your ‘something’ was ‘nothing.’ But even more relieved to know that the fact it was ‘nothing’ has meant ‘something’ in terms of appreciating life and all it has to offer.

    Keep living… is short, beautiful and meant to be lived!

  2. Jeff G Says:

    I’m so glad it was nothing!
    You can now see over the “awareness fence”. No more speculation about how it must be on the other side. You are now at the top of your ladder looking into the “backyard of maladies”. You will be forever changed, but in a way that let’s you leverage this new wisdom.
    You’ve already done so much for so many with your blog and your fundraising efforts. You’ve inspired me when I needed hope and motivation. Dodging bullets is the ultimate cross-training for your body and mind.
    Keep up your great work!

  3. I’m glad it was nothing Mr. Goad!

    And I think I remember playing Halo with you that one time, lol.


  4. Ryan Skews Says:

    Hi David
    I am a toastmaster in South Africa and via Sean Dyer’s youtube channel have seen your speech videos at Tracy TM. I can see where they come from. I am enjoying your writings too.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Thank you Ryan! I will continue to post new videos if people around the world are watching!

  5. Emma Santa Says:

    I agree David. “Wahoo!” all the way – whether it’s nothing or something.

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