Hey brothers and sisters

Sometimes Facebook is a diversionary time sink, and sometimes it is a miraculous bridge between kindred spirits. I just met another sibling of a cancer survivor. Deborah is writing and running and reaching out to others to raise money to beat Multiple Myeloma. Her sister Deana, and my brother Jeff, are battling and winning against this insidious disease.

It just dawned on me that there must be thousands of us siblings in similar circumstances, hoping and praying and doing whatever we can to overcome the helplessness that comes with the dreaded news… the news that you could lose someone close to you. 

Everyone takes it differently. I have somehow been able to translate my fear into action, to write and run and raise money like Deborah. It’s nice to hear that someone else is putting their faith into action too. It’s comforting because it makes the challenge seem less insurmountable.

Are you dealing with a similar situation with someone you love right now? If you are, you are not alone.  Please draw strength from these words and find a way to put your faith into action too. My current action is a fundraising book and you’re welcome to join in.  I published “Getting to the Point” to motivate, inspire and raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Order a copy for yourself to learn how Jeff and I motivated each other through our ordeal (see the chapter on Fundraising), and then share this book link with 3  or more friends. This will be the way we conquer: Siblings helping siblings; friends helping friends. And together we’ll accomplish more.

A good friend named Merrill Buck once shared this quote with me, “We do not truly exist in ourselves, but rather in the lives of those that we touch.”  I was touched by Deborah and Deana’s story today… and I know I’m not alone.

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2 Comments on “Hey brothers and sisters”

  1. David, I’m touched that our electronic conversation inspired this post and look forward to our continuing work together. Deb

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