Labor of love

This is it…drumroll…my 200th blog post. Cue the balloon drop and blow the kazoos! It’s mostly a milestone for me, but maybe for a few of you too. Especially Ray Basile who said “Dude, you should start blogging,” and those who said “I read every one of your stories to my teenagers,” and the many readers who told me, “Hey, you should collect your best blog posts into a book!”

Even with over 65,000 views of the blog so far, I never really know if any of it makes a difference until someone speaks up, so thank you for that. And thanks to your goading me, the new paperback book “Getting to the Point” is now available at  (Digital formats coming soon.)

I have a great day job, and blogging is not my profession. I write because I believe many of you are just like me, searching for meaning and happiness in an often crazy and painful world. It does my heart good to share something that matters to you.  And heck…half the time, I’m offering advice that is really meant to motivate myself.

Just like life is lived one day at a time, this book was written one chapter at a time. I looked back over 3 years at all the stories that had the most visits, pass-alongs and comments. I discovered that they fit neatly into a few theme buckets, and I did my best to tie together what it all means in the end.

And just like I have no real commercial purpose for the blog, I did not publish “Getting to the Point” to profit personally. All the proceeds in 2012 will be donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, developing the treatments that are saving my brother’s life.

Here’s what you can do to help out:

That’s it. Pretty simple. Most of all, I want to say thank you at this milestone moment. Thanks for reading. Thanks for joining the conversation. Thanks for making a difference in my life…and following along in my labor of love.

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13 Comments on “Labor of love”

  1. Jim Ashley Says:

    How ironic, David, that we graduated together at NC and pester each other on Facebook … and we both have someone close that is dealing with such a rare cancer – multiple myeloma (your brother & my wife)… I’m looking forward to more sky-high medical bills, but somehow I’m gonna get your book because YOU, my friend, wrote it!!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Hey Jim. Thanks for the kind words, and I will pray for your wife. There may be one or two stories in there tha will help give you strength. Kep me informed on how she is doing.

  2. Rasheed Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Goad! On my to-buy list with my next paycheck.

  3. Wow… Congratulations, David!!! I am so proud of you, my Friend! Another major milestone checked off. What’s next?

  4. Congratulations David! You set a great example!

  5. Faith Says:

    You are a true inspiration to us all. Just bought two copies one for my dad and one for me. 🙂
    PS The world would be a much better place and all diseases cured if we had more people like you.

  6. Shelley Says:

    Way to go Davey Gravy,

    I love your gift and what you are doing for MMRF. I know Jeff must be honored. What an accomplishment.

    You inspire me again

  7. Claire Strayer Says:

    Wonderful! I’m expecting that you’ll sign my copy.

  8. Like so many people, I get a lot of emails. I can hardly read them all. But early on I stopped to read one of David’s posts and then I was hooked. Often I would save the post to read when I had more time and could savor it. I looked forward to reading it and thinking about what he said.

    I head up the marathon program for the MMRF, so I have come yo know David, Jeff and even brother Brad…can’t wait to share this book with our 700 tram members this year. Go David! And thank you for all you are doing to help myeloma patients.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Thank you Alicia. One thing I have learned for sure in all this… nothing really gets done well without a team effort. I’m happy to be on your team!

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