Let’s make a deal!

OK here’s the deal.  You can keep what’s in this box in front of you, or trade it all for what’s behind door #3 where Carol Merrill is standing.  Take a few seconds to think about it (studio audience screaming in background.) Sounds like they’re split on what to do. We need your answer now!

If you’re old enough to remember Let’s Make a Deal on TV (or young enough to watch the clips on Youtube) you’ll remember that this was a game about choices.  The game show host Monty Hall loved to torture contestants with choices, especially after they just won something good.  And better things did not necessarily come in larger spaces or packages: you could end up with a brand new car, or a Zonk prize like a live llama and bag of Purina Llama Chow.

What always unnerved me about this show was the pressure to make a fast decision with everyone screaming in your ear.  I am not a natural risk-taker and I like to weigh the options before committing to something. I ask for other people’s opinions on what they would do, think about it, and then make an informed choice based on what I want. And I will do it when I am ready.

Before you trade away anything in your life for something that might be better, shouldn’t you take a good hard listen to the inner voice that guides you to do the right thing? Or do you just go with the loudest voice from the studio audience of friends and family pressuring you on what they want for you? 

It’s your life. Take your time.  Make your choice.

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4 Comments on “Let’s make a deal!”

  1. This show is a timeless classic, because it is so relevant to real life.
    We all have the power to make choices, sure – but the real ‘deal’ here is to honor the choices you make based on the fact they are indeed your choices.

    The thing that most people miss, is there is no wrong choice. We must remember that nothing in life is temporary and nothing in life is permanent. Life is about change. The truth is, the more people grow, the more life changes.

    Change is about perspective.
    Change is about evolving.
    Change is about growth.

    So there are no wrong choices IF you honor within yourself what resonates within.

    The thing is, most people think choices are about right vs. wrong, good vs. better vs. best………but at the end of the day, regardless of the choices we make, life deals us hands of cards where we have no choice at all.

    People who get cancer don’t choose to get cancer. But they can choose to look at life positively or negatively.

    People who have a death in the family do not choose for that person to live or die, this is not in their scope of choice. But they can choose to grieve, heal, and also honor and celebrate moments they’ve shared in life with their loved ones.

    So choices……we all have those. But we also are given lots of moments where we have no choice at all, but to cope, to deal, to survive and to endure circumstances as they happen.

    It is up to us to be content in how we show up in life and how we handle whatever life throws at us.

    And it is in this, we can choose to look at life the best way we can and that is to live it fully.


  2. Connie Martin Says:

    And I NEVER wish I were someone else. Everyone has burdens and struggles. And only WE are the best persons to deal with our issues. If you had someone else’s life, you might really screw things up! That person who cut you off in traffic may have just found out their spouse has cancer. Or they may have just been laid off. Or they may have just been verbally abused by a co-worker. Never, ever, think the grass is greener. Appreciate what you have. Don’t envy what someone else has. Be Happy! 🙂

  3. Rick thompson Says:

    thankful for free choice and for the inner voice mentioned that guides one to do the right thing……and gives strength to get one through all things…..

    I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

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