Make your impression

Here I am in the so-called Act II of my life, waking up after intermission to an important realization: I am losing my fear of failing. I still fail a lot, but I’m somehow not letting it stop me from taking on more new things. It’s like I’m intentionally raising the risk that others may criticize or laugh at me but it feels OK. Am I losing my marbles?

As I walk this thin line between crazy and sane, I am reminded of the 19th century impressionist painters who took risks with their art and left their mark on history because of it. Monet, Cezanne, Renoir and others shed the academic rules of what art should look like, and created vividly different paintings that followed their own vision. They must have been driven by a fire bottled up inside them that needed to come out. It’s almost as if it would be crazy not to do it.

Have you got something burning inside you that needs to come out…to be expressed?  It could be art, music, writing, singing, acting or dancing. Or go beyond the usual “arts” to include speaking, invention, exploration, racing, model-building, jewelry design, coaching or fundraising. I’m not talking about a career change here; just doing something you want to do for the joy of it.  Do it for its own sake with no commercial requirements.

With so much pressure to keep our marbles neatly in the bag all the time, maybe it’s healthy to let a few of them drop and bounce around on the floor occasionally.  Are you ready to take a chance at failing? Are you ready to make your impression?

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10 Comments on “Make your impression”

  1. Faith Says:

    It’s like the movie I just saw last night We Bought a Zoo. In the movie they talk about how it only takes 20 seconds of courage.

  2. Dawna Bate Says:

    I wonder if it is due to the Act II of my life, but I’ve become more adventuresome in the last several years. Jumping out of an airplane (I not only had a parachute, I had a professional strapped to me!), giant trampoline (wouldn’t have done that for a million dollars when I was a kid) and I am looking forward to trying the CN Tower EdgeWalk (Google it). And I’m making plans to live on a sailboat and travel the world, although I haven’t committed to the Northwest Passage or Antarctica yet.

    Some people may think that I’ve lost my marbles. Thanks, David, for confirming that is okay! Too often we hear – and pay attention to – those voices that say “Why would you want to do that?” I’m now listening to the voice that is saying “What else do you want to do?” Thanks for the reminder.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Go Dawna! That is so exciting to hear and I think your marbles are just fine 🙂 Why not Antarctica?

    • Dawna Bate Says:

      David – Let’s just say that my sailing experiences are meant to take me away from the winters I experience in southwestern Ontario. Northwest Passage and Antarctica are COLD. I’m haven’t lost all of my marbles. 🙂

  3. Satinder Singh Says:

    Act ll of my life…very very interesting. I had not looked at life that way before but it makes so much sense. Doesn’t Act 1 seem like a quick flash in front of my eyes? so I am thinking Act ll will certainly be another quick flash of light. I had better express myself!!!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Satinder, you are already a great teacher. Maybe you should become a great student of something you always wanted to learn?

  4. Love it, David. The greatest reward comes from doing something you enjoy. If we do not honor that… then WHY are we even here?

    My H.S. Journalism teacher said…. “Do you live to work, or work to live… that’s a question we all ask ourselves. Who cares what the answer to THAT is! What’s more important is how you answer the question…. What do you ENJOY doing?”

    Wise man!! 🙂

  5. Roland Takaoka Says:

    Step outside the box…
    Live your dream….
    Break the rules…..


    When we do the things above, we discover more of that which we are. It’s when we limit ourselves, and anchor ourselves mentally with cultural and social “lockdowns” that we go nuts. This is because it is against our grain to do anything other than grow and expand. Even as we get older and start to shrink physically, we are still expanding somewhere… spiritually? Doing something new is really only doing that which is in us, a part of us, even though it may surprise us as it manifests.

    Failures: Although a whole lot of people will argue this, there really is no such thing. We move on, learning as we go, taking with us new knowledge and understanding which changes our values, and thus our future thoughts and actions… hence, our results.

    What most people call failures are really only signposts that mark the redirection of one’s course in life. Even Kiyosaki talks about multiple failures… yet he is uber-rich, and quite the philosopher. Whatever he “failed” at, was only the ending of one phase of life, and the start of another…. act 72? Chapters in a book… that’s all.

    There are ONLY challenges and opportunities… and life goes on!

    … just keep on writing the books, Dave!

    • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yes, yes!!! 🙂 Thank you, Roland!

      No failures – ever!
      Stepping out of our own way is where it’s at!
      We’re the ones at fault for any failure to ATTEMPT TO GROW!
      Thus, we must step out of our own way to do so.

      I agree – growth is a non-stop opportunity.
      And this is yes…spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally ——- only then do we even learn more about who we authentically are.

      If we do not remain true to what our souls seek, we are doing a disservice to life itself.

      Instinct is the greatest GPS. It gives us the hunger, the thirst to become more and be true to what we are here to do. Only in self-discovery and reclaiming of spirit can we even go further. And I say reclaim our spirit – because most of us let ourselves die somehow when we limit ourselves and our own potential to become who we are meant to become to do Universal work.

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