Letter to my future self

It’s New Year’s Eve, 2012. That’s right, not a typo. You, Mr. Goad, are reading the words you wrote one year ago today. Remember how you sat down by the dried out Christmas tree on a cool, cloudy morning with your Captain America coffee cup? Remember how you only wrote down goals that you could control and measure?

  • Achieve excellent performance rating in my job at Cisco
  • Raise $4000 for MMRF from book sales
  • Give 4 motivational speeches to non-profit organizations
  • Feb. 15 – Reach and maintain 163 weight
  • Feb. 18 – Climb La Cumbre Peak with son Evan
  • Mar. 11 – Run Shamrock’n Sacramento Half Marathon under 2 hours
  • May 6 – Finish Delta Century 100-mile bike ride
  • Oct. 7 – Run Chicago Marathon under 5 hours with brothers Jeff and Brad

You visualized this as a day of triumph. So… how did you do? Have you been listening to your own advice?

Make a commitment.

Make it public.

Make it happen.

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11 Comments on “Letter to my future self”

  1. Mike T Says:

    I applaud you for making your goals public. That takes courage and determination. In the spirit of making your goals ” things you can control” some feedback:
    *Some companies use a rating system that compares you to other employees on a bell curve. So, you could conceivably work your patootie off and not get an excellent rating. The rating might be ultimately what you want, but another goal might be more in your control which will maximize your chances of getting there.
    *Anything done with another person especially if there is a time limit related to it is not completely within your control. Is your goal to do one with your brothers or is it the time that’s the ultimate goal?

    knowing you, I’m sure you’ll find a way to achieve all of them but just in case (and because I make the same mistake myself), let’s be clear on what’s completely in your control.

    All the best!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Excellent points Mike, and I considered both…
      RE: Work goal – I’m committing to doing my very best and getting results that are recognized by management.
      RE: The marathon priority – If Jeff can’t do 5 hours, then I am slowing down to run side by side with him.

  2. Rich Hopkins Says:

    Great goals David. Book sales, hmm? Your book?

  3. Tina Pitts Says:

    Your inspirational energy and consistency of purpose, inspire me to achieve my own goals and dreams! Thank you for being such a positive force David. I look forward to sharing the process with you.

  4. Jeff G Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of setting my goals for the year. Top of the list you can probably guess?
    1) Completely defeat Myeloma!
    2) Climb the other 2 towers, Hancock & Amoco
    3) Run Chicago marathon sub 5 w/ you & Brad
    4) Work w/ MMRF to provide motivational assistance to other myeloma patients.
    5) Raise at least 6k for MMRF this year

    More to follow….
    As your running coach, I’ll help you make your 2 hr goal in March, and make sure “You” run under 5 hrs in Chicago marathon. Don’t worry about me not making 5hr 🙂

    • davidgoad Says:

      Now we’re talkin’!! Brad may want to go for 4 hours, but that’s just because he’s 4 years younger than me 🙂

    • Jeff G Says:

      I think he’s planning a spring/summer race to do sub-four. He will be our pacer!

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