16 steps

There are 16 steps on the staircase to the second floor of our house. I was just walking up to my home office when I stopped. The concept of turning 50 suddenly hit me and I was glad I was holding the handrail. I looked down at my feet and the steps leading back to the bottom. I was standing on step #9, just past halfway.

The eight steps below suddenly became my life. I looked at each one as the memories flooded my mind… my childhood, my school years, my first job, my wedding to my beautiful bride Carol, the birth of our two amazing kids Evan and Amanda (each one gets their own step), our move to Northern California and several new jobs, our kids going to college, and so many communities of friends and work colleagues I still hold dear.

People usually climb stairs facing forward only, but this time I had to pause and look back on the steps that got me to where I am now. I wonder why 50 is such a big milestone. Sure, it’s half a century… but it’s only half. God willing I am going to live another 40 years or so, and I can look up and see a lot of staircase left to travel!

So what am I feeling now? I’m feeling grateful for making it past half way. I’m glad that I savored every life stage and did not jump 2 steps at a time. I’m also looking with great anticipation at the steps to come, each one moving forward and upward. When I eventually reach the top, I plan to look back and cherish a life well-lived and all those who walked beside me… even if it was for a single step.

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8 Comments on “16 steps”

  1. LaRhonda (aka Ronnie) Smith Says:

    This is awesome David!Great way to look at life!

  2. Excellent analysis of your life journey.

  3. Sinde Sue Says:

    Put a few more steps at the top of your staircase, David, and join me at being only halfway up. I’m planning on climbing to 100.

  4. Beth Sax Says:

    Thanks again David for some inspiring words. Beth

    You turning 50 soon?

  5. Kristie Says:

    Bravo David!

  6. Starr Says:

    OMG David, that was beautiful! I am so happy for you and your life, you deserve it…you are such a great guy!!!

  7. Khoder Baydoun Says:

    The stairway was a very intelligent way of looking at your past and future. Your imagination is so powerful. It is all you need to flourish and grow. This piece was endearing to me. You were writing this like you were talking to every one out there. You may want to reflect on your life now on the step that you are on and how that propels you to look forward to more steps. I liked when you said that you did not skip a step. This says volums about you.

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