Born this way

Sorry Gaga fans, this post is NOT about Lady Gaga’s current song, but it IS about music.  Last night I saw my friend Greg Hill rock the house with his band Dammaj at the Avalon in Santa Clara.  It was an old school heavy metal reunion show, with driving drums, thrashing guitars from the Gilbert brothers and soaring vocals from Mr. Hill.

I call him Mr. Hill because that’s how I really knew him.  Our kids went to school together in Milpitas, and we socialized at family birthday parties, camping trips and bocce ball in the back yard.  I remember when he showed me the old album cover from 1986 once, but it was hard to picture him on stage with a handcuff belt.

He erased all doubt that he could still knock it out of the park last night, and the crowd really responded to Greg having so much fun up there.  At one point in between songs he said, “Man, I’m havin’ a great time! I was born to do this.”

It made me smile to think someone was returning to something they loved after 25 years and just going for it.  It got me thinking about how many people end up making time for the things they are really passionate about… the things they were wired to do… the things they were born to do.

There’s a financial services commercial on TV now that says “Boomers are reinventing what it means to retire.” Have you felt the urge to return to a passion you left behind in your youth?  What would happen if you just jumped back into it?

If you write, write.

If you paint, paint. 

If you teach, teach.

If you’re funny, do comedy.

If you can motivate volunteers, start your own non-profit.

If you can wail on stage, sing Heavy Metal.

So a tip of the hat (and a bang of the head) to my friend Greg for jumping back in and livin’ the dream.  And to you… what’s that form of expression you’ve always wanted to make time for?  Maybe it’s time right now.

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5 Comments on “Born this way”

  1. Julie Says:

    So, time to start that novel huh? Thanks David!!

  2. Roland Says:

    This is great advice, David. Looking back on things we wish we did, with a sigh, is not a mandatory state of mind. The only way to eliminate as many of these things as possible is to act now, play now, learn now, create now… live now!

    Sometimes stepping out of the box works great. However many feel that they are too old, or too engrained in their present lifestyle or work. I say Nonsense!

    Living is all about doing what you want to do.. as you say, what each of us were “born to do.” And at the same time, contribute to making this world we live in a little better place.


  3. Nora Says:

    I was just staring at the computer screen in a writer’s block-y panic. Write, just write.
    Thanks, man!

  4. Wes Johnson Says:

    I have been thinking a lot about how I spend my time lately. There are a few things I left behind as a youth that I picked up again as an adult; Outdoor activities like hiking & camping to name a few. My real passion is kite flying.

    When I was younger I only knew about 1 line kites made of paper. My grandfather showed me how to fly. Many years later there are kites with 2 & 4 lines. They come in varying shapes and sizes for all kinds of weather conditions. I have taken the opportunity to pass on this passion of mine to my children.

    Thanks for reminding us to stay active on our passion.

  5. Terry Donaldson Says:

    I started my clowning career at 47 — after 50 different employers and various fields. Just last week I was at my 4,000th event! I never dreamed of such a career, but friends who have known me for decades said, “Of course, it fits!”
    Oh! If more people did what they loved, wouldn’t the world be a better, happier place!
    Thanks for these posts, David, you’re very inspiring!

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