My brother’s keeper

When you catch a fish big enough to take home, that’s called a keeper.  When you hear a bit of advice that’s big enough to take to heart, that’s a keeper too. In the midst of my brother Jeff’s battle with Multiple Myeloma, he uttered a keeper today. We were talking about what keeps him going with such a positive attitude through this rough time and he said,

“Knowing someone knows… gives you strength.”

He was talking about the outpouring of support, the helpful hugs and the willingness of total strangers to cheer him on.  He’s been connected to cancer survivors in Arkansas and added to Sunday School prayer lists in Virginia. He has been the inspiration for over $10,000 raised for cancer research so far. 

Jeff inspired me to run my first marathon, and I experienced the same “knowing” when I started sharing the story in this blog.  You reached out to me, offered support and gave generously to MMRF.  When I went down with an injury, you stepped up and gave encouragement that got me over the finish line.

And even if you were unable to help directly with hugs, money or running advice, it has made a real difference to me knowing that you know what I’m going through… as the brother of the fighter.  Something about that simple human connection is reassuring and comforting.

So here’s your assignment.  If you know someone who is going through a rough time right now, or supporting someone who is going through a rough time, let them know you care.  Don’t just think it, say it.  Use the phone, voicemail, email, text or facebook.  Even if you feel helpless or ill-equipped to say something clever… your words mean more than you think.

Jeff is in the middle of chemo/stem cell transplant round 2. He’s doing well so far and continues to dispense good advice from his hospital bed. 

I kept this MMRF donation site live after my marathon for anyone who feels moved to help in that way.  But most of all, it’s just good to know you know.

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16 Comments on “My brother’s keeper”

  1. Jeff Bagby Says:

    Thanks Dave…. and I am both praying for Jeff and cheering him on at the same time.

    I heard an interesting quote yesterday that I took to heart – a “keeper” if you will. It went like this:

    Sometimes the trail we leave behind us is more important than the path that lies ahead.

    I guess it’s a matter of what we do with this gift of life that we’ve been given.

    I love ya, bud! Keep it up. You and Jeff, both.

  2. Aunt Grace Says:

    Hi Dave,
    We at our church are also praying for Jeff. Thanks for all the updates. God Bless. A.Grace

  3. Dan Sales Says:

    It’s really great to hear that your brother has such a good support network. It makes all the difference in the world. My own struggle with Multiple Sclerosis would be intolerable without the support of my wife and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    • Jeff G Says:

      Hey Dan:
      I think I rememeber meeting you through David. My neighbor gal in the next room over is here from London getting her MS treated my a stem cell transplant. It is cutting edge for sure, but they are discovering these golden stem cells can replicate, repair and rebuild everything. Contact me directly for more info if you want.
      Prayers and good Karma to you and yours!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Yes Dan was a DJ I hired for Stuart Anderson’s in Indy… waaaayy back in the old days 🙂

  4. Roland Says:

    Hi, David.

    Your vigil to raise the vibrations of everything around you carries on. That is the way I have always known you. My thoughts and prayers include you and Jeff.

    Something I’d appreciate if possible…

    …if you have a great picture of Jeff in the prime of his health, please post it or even send it to me. Not only am I big on visualizations, I know that the God/Universe responds to all of our thoughts – otherwise, why pray, or endeavor to use positive thinking. I am convinced that if as many people as possible envision Jeff in good health, with a perfectly wholesome body, happy, and vital, it sets the quantum staging for Jeff to heal.

    This way, we can turn the focus of Jeff being in the midst of his present struggle, and not help him focus on that, but set the way clear for his spirit to rise above any illness or conflict in the vibrating Universe.

    I am one of those who insist that there is always a way. For instance, I choose not to participate in what others call this “recession.” It is up to the individual. However, in this life together, we do co-create our lives, influencing each others’ thinking and actions.

    Jeff is running his own marathon. I will be happy to envision in my own creative contribution Jeff raching the finish line of good health, happiness, and fulfilled life.


  5. Beautiful words as usual David. Prayers and more Prayers from me and all of Naples Florida for Jeff… GO JEFF!!

  6. Angela Walker Says:

    My 18 year old son, Tanner, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma over a year and a half ago. I know exactly what your brother means by “knowing someone knows”.

    Just knowing someone “knows” often makes all the difference you need to get you through a rough day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Roger Tunnell Says:

    My prayers are with Jeff in his current battle. I read this on facebook and wanted to comment. I have been fighting MM for exactly 3 years now. I had my third transplant on October 5th and I’m feeling better every day. It’s a tough fight but it sounds like he has the attitude and the support group to come out of this a winner. Hopefully it will help knowing he has prayers coming from Ohio also.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Thank you Roger! And my prayers for your full recovery as well!
      There will be a cure… it’s only a matter of time and resources.

  8. writergirl43 Says:

    I read your blog on facebook. My husband has multiple myeloma. He had his stem cell transplant back in Dec and is still recovering. “By His stripes, YOU ARE HEALED” My prayers are with you during this battle.

  9. Cindy M Says:

    I was “my brothers keeper” for the past 5yrs. He also had double stem cell and did very well for several years after. We lost him in Nov/2010, but we haven’t lost hope for a cure for MM. I have a dear friend who has been fighting the fight for over 10 yrs and we keep strong for each other thru all the good and bad times. John was a patient at Yale and Dana Farber, We always sang the song “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” We got lots of laughs at the clinic treatment center with some of the most caring and compassionate people I’ve ever met. God Bless you and your brother, I’ll never give up on MMRF

  10. Sean Dyer Says:

    The great part is that when you let someone know you care, they feel good, and so do you :o)

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