Pain is temporary, finishing is forever

I got my miracle today!  I was able to run/walk the entire marathon in 5:49 and even run the last 2 miles without stopping.  This is a miracle because just a week ago I could not go more than 9 miles without debilitating knee pain, caused by IT Band Syndrome.  

I stretched, iced and rested for the last week, and I bought a product that really worked – the Patt Strap. I put a Pro-Tec compression strap on top of it and the combo prevented the pain from getting unbearable. (That, and a frontal lobe assault on my left brain, telling it to shut up when it tried to get me to quit.)

Miracle #2: There was a 70% chance of rain forecasted for this morning, and it did not rain until I got in my car and turned the key to drive home.  We even got some sunshine and I took some Flip video of horses frolicking in the roadside farms.  Miracle #3 is that I dropped my Flip camera on the street and it did not break.

I also took video of the mile markers and a few oddities along the way… like the woman dressed as the Grim Reaper just after the 20-mile mark.  I told her she wasn’t building my confidence much.  She said, “Oh no, you just made it past the wall without quitting!  You cheated death and that’s a good thing!”

I slowly replied, “Oh.”

Coincidentally, I ran into Tony from Fleet Feet Running, the guy who sold me the IT band straps and Superfeet inserts.  I ran with Tony and his friends for about 10 miles, and adopted their 6 minute run, 1 minute walk rhythm which really paid off for me.  When my pain started at mile 15, I let them go on ahead and leave me.  Miracle #4: a satisfying moment as I passed by Tony walking in the very last mile of the race.

I must say the real moment of truth was at mile 16.  My left brain had already condemned me to walking the rest of the race.  Then we rounded a corner to see a long sloping hill.  The sun peaked through the clouds and I got this rush of power.  I don’t know if it was endorphins or the power of prayer and positive thoughts promised by many of you reading this right now.  I looked over and saw a homemade sign that read “Pain is temporary, Finishing is forever!”  and that did it.  I started running again and the pain in my knee subsided enough for me to push through it!

Miracle #5 is the most important one of all.  I set out to run my first marathon to raise money for MMRF, with a goal of $100 per mile, or $2600.  As of this writing, we have collected over $4300 toward extending patients lives and developing a cure for Multiple Myeloma in our lifetime. We did it, and we did it together.  I am humbled by your generosity, and because of your gifts I gave everything I had out on that course today.  Above all else, that is what REALLY got me to finish line.

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16 Comments on “Pain is temporary, finishing is forever”

  1. alicia Says:

    WOW David! Thank you so much for giving us this inspirational snapshot of your marathon. What are we going to do without your uplifting Stories with a Cause? We so very much appreciate all you have done to help support the MMRF mission. I was going to say “our” mission…but I know it is yours too. Congratulations on your victory lap. We put your generous donations to great use – 90% of all funds go directly to research to help patients like your brother. YOU ROCK! Thank you!

  2. Rasheed Says:

    Wow congrats Mr. Goad! This is truly an inspirational story. My mom’s training to run a marathon as well so I’ll be sure to let her know of your success!

    I’m glad you were able to raise money for your brother; that truly is something that lasts forever.

    Rock on brother!


  3. Pam Ramirez Says:

    Congratulations David! You persevered and it paid off.

    Persisted no matter what.
    Endured discomfort.
    Requested help from other people.
    Steadfastly held on to your beliefs and values.
    Envisioned triumph.
    Very consistently kept at it.
    Refused to give up.
    Enjoy and celebrate!


  4. Marge Says:

    Congratulations, Dave!!
    We are very pround of your determination to train for and finish this marathon. It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance.
    I am impressed that you and Jeff were able to raise that much money for the research foundation.
    You are now allowed a few days rest to bask in the glory of your accomplishments and let the body heal.
    Aunt Marge
    Then you can hit the road again–I am sure you will be running more races!!

  5. Dad Says:

    You made a pledge and kept it, because that is who you are. It was made out of love and concern for your brother and that makes it even more special. Everyone is very proud of you and happy for your success in completing this difficult task.

  6. Alice Says:

    Congratulations Dave! You did it my friend and I am so glad for you and your brother. Enjoy the rest of the holidays- you deserve it!

  7. Joe Franklin Says:

    Way to go David! You will remember this forever for so many reasons. Good on you, Mate!

  8. Patricia Says:

    When you and Jeff were little you could get into so much trouble and we would end up in the emergency room!! Just active imaginative boys!
    In contrast, I am so glad and proud that you and Jeff constructed a winning pact and bond that will stay with you both forever. I never doubted your persverence. A little family trait!

    You did great! Love, Mom

  9. Terri Says:

    You are very inspirational! Thanks for sharing/writing about this process. You must feel so proud of yourself for not only running and finishing the race but for being able to do something on behalf of your bro.

    Praying for a quick recovery for your body!


  10. Jan Sysmans Says:

    Well done David. Now let’s pray for miracle #6. Your brother making it through his fight with cancer.

  11. Jeff G Says:

    Welcome to the Marathon Finisher Club brother!
    All by itself this is a lifetime achievement for many, but combined with the purpose for MMRF, it becomes a “Miracle making machine”! That’s why you received so many little dividends yesterday.
    Next year it’s you, me and brother Brad on the starting line of the Chicago Marathon!
    I am so very proud to call you brother and friend.

  12. John Rotheray Says:

    I told your story to a fellow first-time CIM runner on the bus ride to the start line. She was really touched when I told her that “you wanted to do something really hard to help your brother push through his cancer treatments”. I tear up a little just thinking about how proud I am of you for doing this. I was praying for you yesterday and continue to keep your brother in my prayers.

  13. kellye Says:


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