Walk like the wind

It’s been a long journey and I’ve learned a few things

That’s what a fundraising marathon brings

I learned I’d go further than ever before

I learned even then I could go a little bit more

Up to 20 miles in my Nikes I ran

Then I learned that I’m actually not Superman

I learned to appreciate the value of coaching

I ran in the morning with sunrise approaching

I wore GPS so my miles could be tracked

I swore I would never give up on the pact

I made with my brother going through his own fight

So I ran in the morning and ran in the night

Sometimes in the cold it would swirl in my mind

About how so many of you could be so very kind

To give generously to science to develop a cure

I know it is coming, one day I’m sure

And to honor your gift I’ll give all I’ve got

I’ll cross the finish line no matter what

I’ll run until my knee is done for the day

Then I’ll walk like the wind, I ain’t gonna play

I thank you for all of your love and advice

You inspired, you supported and it really felt nice

This Sunday the race will be a victory lap

I’ll think of you afterwards as I take a long nap

From my heart, thank you for giving.  Adding up my marathon, Cisco matching funds and the 5K race Jeff and Ramona completed in Chicago, we raised over $10,000 for cancer research.  You are something special and that’s a reason to celebrate!

The donation link is still live. Pass it on!

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6 Comments on “Walk like the wind”

  1. Stefanie Ratledge Says:

    Once again, David, you bring laughs and inspiration. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning and wish you the best of luck. Thank you for sharing your brother’s and your stories with us all – It’s been great to follow you both in your journeys.

  2. Kristie Says:

    Beautiful David!

  3. Marge Says:

    I hope you have a good race. It is qyuite a challenge to run so far. Paul can tell you of the good and bad marathons that he ran.
    Your poem is so good. I have enjoyed reading all your postings and also have appreciated Jeff’s postings on Caring Bridge. So good that he is responding so positively to the chermo.
    Love, Aunt Marge

  4. Jeff G Says:

    You are out on the course right now and just passed the 6 mile split. I am with you every step of the way as your coach, brother and friend. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for your dedication, committment, and love. You have inspired and motivated me to reach higher and faster on my recovery. I have felt an obligation to get better for all those who have shown support or donated; past, present and future. To share my favorite sign that Ramona would hold up in the crowd when I would run by during a marathon……”Go Dave Go, Run Dave Run”.
    See you at the finish line brother!

  5. Holly Valdez Says:

    DG – Gosh I’m so lucky to work with someone as inspirational and devotional person. You make me laugh and cry (good tears) and above all – we are all blessed to get to know your brother, Jeff, through your loving eyes. So many prayers coming his way for results we all know will happen in January. So very proud of both your accomplishments.

  6. Holly Valdez Says:

    (p.s. meant to say inspirational and devotional as you) 😉

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