Certainty in an uncertain world

I was talking with a friend this morning who was concerned about impending changes in his company’s organization.  It reminded me of the times in my career when it was hard to do my best work because of uncertainty in the company’s strategy or next quarter’s financial outlook.  Who wants to do great work in the present that may not matter in the near future?

It’s like the way the stock market hates uncertainty.  It’s better for investors to just get bad news and start dealing with it than to wait around for the next big announcement or election.  Some people will slow down and even stop progress in the face of uncertainty.  It’s like a panic-induced productivity paralysis. I always appreciate it when the other shoe drops so I can make adjustments and move on.

So how do you create certainty for yourself in an uncertain world?  Maybe waiting around is not the best strategy. If the higher ups are in the process of making decisions about you, it’s best to show them the best of you. Tackle what you have on your plate with gusto, and ask for more.  Sort through the requests coming at you and prioritize the ones that help drive new business or save money through efficiency.  Influence your destiny.

The same goes for finding purpose in your life.  Waiting around for others to define what you should do is an uncertain proposition if you ask me.  If you want your life to matter, pick a goal you believe in and tackle it with gusto.  Then ask yourself for more. 

If what happens next is not certain, you should certainly not sit around and wait for it.

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7 Comments on “Certainty in an uncertain world”

  1. Raj Says:

    Well said David!!

  2. Doug Peterson Says:

    If the future is not being determined for you, then make your own future. I work under a constant threat of being downsized. Rather than sit around and fret about it, I continue to work hard to build my reputation, I have joined LinkedIn to start building my network, I am getting my degree from U of Phoenix so that I will have an easier time getting interviews, and I’m paying my debts down as quickly as possible. I am getting ready, positioning myself, and preparing myself mentally.

    I am responsible for my life, I’m not waiting on anyone else to run it for me.

  3. Deepa Caveney Says:

    It all starts with how much do you believe in yourself? How much control you have over your actions? Once you realize and accept the power you have to make decisions that are conducive to you….the rest falls in place….

    I believe in this….”The Future is Mine coz I will Write it”

    Across a heinous 3 yr divorce (2007-2010), bringing up 2 teenage kids, changing jobs, I am also finishing my MBA from Colorado State University. Whew ! and of course a weekly dose of single malt scotch on a Friday night has got me through a lot….:)

    Its all within you….the day I realized that was the day my life changed…

  4. Monica Says:

    I LOVE reading your blog David, it’s so inspirational. Every topic is motivation for me to keep setting my goals higher and provides a little nostalgia from my creative critical thinking papers I wrote in college. Keep up the great stories!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Thanks for responding Monica! I get a charge out of seeing others get charged up and achieve new goals!

  5. Karen Says:

    Love it David! Tackle it with gusto! Indeed.

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