Something to hold on to

I’m feeling grateful today. My brother is responding well to treatment and is on the road to recovery.  All of your prayers, well wishes and words of encouragement have done their part.  Jeff has done his part as well, toughing it out through a difficult and uncomfortable process.  In his own words…

“After many days in the darkness, searching in the tunnel, there is a light finally shining at the other end. After 5 days of sliding down into the bottom of my blood values, my white blood count has finally made a move up. My value today was wbc=.6, absolute neutrophils made their first appearance in a week, registering a .5. My hemoglobin is 10.5, and my platelets are 10, but they take the longest to recover. The bottom line is that if all goes well, I could be released on Thu/Fri of this week. What this also means is that the stem cell transplant has proven initially successful. All of your prayers and thoughts have worked. I’ll give some more backstories tomorrow, but I wanted everyone to hear the first whispers of success!!  I love you all.  Your humble friend.” – Jeff Goad

I love the symbolism of the light at the end of a tunnel.  Just like those Chilean miners who were thrilled to see the first sign of light after so many long lonely days underground.  What did they have to hold on to in the darkness that kept them going… kept them hoping… kept them believing?

Jeff just went through a dark time, not knowing if the treatment was working.  But just like when you enter a dark room – if you stand still for a few moments, your eyes start to adjust to the darkness.  Even the faintest light starts to reveal itself and make its way into your eyes.  You soon find that you can see more than you thought you could.   And that first sign of light is a comfort, giving you the strength to keep going and find your way in the darkness.

Maybe you or a loved one is going through a dark time right now.  Stand still in a moment of peace and think about the family and friends who love you.  That’s the ambient light that can give you something to hold on to right now.  And please don’t give up hope.  It may take time, but daylight will eventually stream into the tunnel and light your way.

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5 Comments on “Something to hold on to”

  1. Kristie Says:

    Fabulous article! So happy to hear the good news about Jeff. Thanks for keeping us all posted about his progress toward healing.

  2. Larry Humes Says:

    Wonderful news, David. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your inspiring article. It comes at a time when a member of my family is going through a very difficult and dark time. – Larry

  3. Khoder Baydoun Says:

    This could not have come at a better time. First, I am happy for Jeff for this amazing recovery. I pray that he fully recovers to live a satisfying and healthy life. Jess has become a friend as I got to know him through your inspiring stories, efforts, and dedication to your brother. You and Jeff inspire me to be a better person. Second, I know a friend who’s relative is going through a similar situation. I will forward this to her. – Khoder

  4. kellye Says:

    David, thanks for sharing the wonderful news about Jeff, and inspiring others to press on. The richest blessings to you and your entire family~Kellye

  5. Anna Gardner Says:

    So glad to hear the news…will keep praying for you all!

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