3 secrets to achieving anything

I’ve found a secret formula for success that may surprise you with its simplicity.  In the last 18 months, I used this formula to lose 25 pounds in 60 days, climb a mountain, run a half-marathon and write a book… without quitting my day job.  Here it is:

  1. Make a decision
  2. Make it public
  3. Make it happen

Make a decision.  This means REALLY making a decision and writing down the goal with a measurable deadline.  If you still have doubts that you can make it down that rough road, then you haven’t really decided.

Make it public.  Tell your family, tell your friends or spread it through facebook or a blog. You will be amazed at the supporters you get, and you won’t want to let them down.

Make it happen.  No other friend or coach can do the work for you.  You must take the first smalll step and then play through the pain.  You will soon realize that action leads to satisfaction which leads to more action… and a cycle of success that will become unbreakable.

Do you want to make your goal public right here and now by listing it in the comments below?  I’ll become your biggest supporter.

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14 Comments on “3 secrets to achieving anything”

  1. Great Post, David!

    Yes, Get MAD (Make A Decision) everyone!

    • davidgoad Says:

      I know YOU have made a decision Stephen, and you’ve made it public… and now you’re making it happen. If anyone wants to learn how to build a business, contact this guy!

  2. Ana Contreras Says:

    I WILL adopt a healthier lifestyle and, in turn,

    I WILL lose the excess weight that has been a hindrance for far too long.

    Thank you for the inspiration, David!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Ana, you just joined the winners club!! Your decision is 90% complete. All you need is a measurable statistic (for example, 10 percent of body weight) and a date (give yourself at 3 months).
      Now you can define “healthier lifestyle” as specifc activities that contribute to your goal (Exercise, diet, etc.)
      I KNOW you can hit your goal and you will feel great when you do. Plan on a shopping trip to the new Macy’s coming to town 🙂

  3. Jan Sysmans Says:

    Completely agree. Facebook btw is a great tool to making your decisions public and as such forcing accountability.

    I pretty much follow the same simple 3 point rule if I want to achieve something. It all starts with the decision. You have to commit. Then you make your commitment public so you can force accountability. The beauty of social networking is that you will get encouragement from tons of people.

    My rule thus is:
    Make it Happen

    and boast in the encouragements from your friends.

  4. Faith Says:

    I commit to completing and publishing the book I have been working on for he past 5 years. 🙂

  5. Bethany Sax Says:

    Yet another bit of wisdom from David Goad’s blog.

  6. Heena Says:

    I’m doing my A Levels and I think I have failed my first year. I’m going to attempt to do both years in one year. God help me.

    David, I just wanted you to know, you writing is amazing. I follow it on a daily basis. Thank you for giving me a lot of tips and making me smile on days I never thought I would.

    • davidgoad Says:

      Heena, thank you for the kind words. I forgot to mention something about the 3 secrets… It is OK to ask for help. Most great achievements were not done alone.

  7. Kristie Says:

    Goal: Lose 10% of my body weight within 120 days. Be able to run at least 5 miles without foot pain or joint aches, feel healthier and more energetic. Thanks Coach!

    • davidgoad Says:

      Alright Kristie, we’re all behind you!
      Quick tips:
      – Use a Run/Walk mix as you start out.
      – Cut food portions in half… all of them, but don’t cut out any foods that you love.

      What’s your reward on Day 120?

  8. Annette Says:

    I live by it —- MADAMO (Make A Decision And Move On).

  9. Karen Says:

    Indeed…. I’m working on some new decisions…. so I’m on the M of the MAD! You and Stephen are awesome inspirations! WOOHOO! Timing is everything.

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