Charles Atlas – Day 51

Why am I doing this?

Update from Day 51 – I’m over half way into the 90 days and this is not easy.  I’ve had to make some adjustments to keep going, mainly doing one session per day instead of two.  I was not giving my body enough time to recover and starting to get some nagging pains in my shoulders and in the old sprained wrist. 

I’m putting more intensity into the one daily session, speeding it up without losing the quality of each exercise or the full-motion, controlled movement.  I’ve mixed up the chest, arm, ab and back exercises into my own “muscle confusion” routine.  (Yes I learned that from the P90X infomercial.)  I’m also able to do the L sit on the arms of our treadmill, even holding the L position while I do tricep pushups.  I really had to work up to that one.

I’m getting the feeling I could speed up the whole process with weights, but I’m not going there yet.  I committed to doing the program as is, and I’m just using my body weight. 

My core muscles are starting to feel stronger all around, but I’m still not seeing any definition.  I’m going to lower my weight another 5 pounds by adding more cardio runs.  Don’t worry, mom, I’m in no danger of starving.

Here’s a word of encouragement for you fellow achievers.  When you start to see results, you get excited and motivated to continue.  Conversely, when the results aren’t coming fast enough, it really takes faith to keep going.  I struggle with doubt and mental exhaustion just like you do.  But I set my goal and I’m sticking to it.  Trust me, let’s get there together.

Favorite Charles Atlas Quote of the Week:

“Vigorously rub your cheeks from your nose toward your ears. This will give a ruddy, healthy glow to your face.”

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