Tell your face

Some of us hide our emotions better than others.  Sometimes we can’t help showing the world how we’re feeling. 

I remember rushing through the airport on the way to a tradeshow.  I was responsible for setup; worried about the booth and brochures arriving on time; finishing the script for the sales team; and whether everyone would make it to the team dinner on time. I was basically a ball of stress.

As I turned the corner to look for my suitcase at the baggage claim, I heard someone say loudly enough for me to hear “Come on now… it ain’t all that bad.”

I looked up and over to see an airport employee leaning up against a square column. Blue hat, blue shirt, name badge and a big smile on his face.  I said, “You talking to me?”

He said, “Yeah… are you feelin’ alright?”

I was surprised by the question, and it shook me out of my focus on work.  “Yeah…um, I guess I’m feeling OK.”

He smiled another big smile, “Then maybe you should tell your face.”

I stopped in my tracks for a few seconds as it sunk in.  Then I grinned and we had a good laugh together.  Apparently I was so worked up with subconscious worry that my face was showing the stress.  So much that a total stranger noticed. Afterwards I was glad that he did, as the laugh really helped me to relax.

How do you express your stress?  Is it having an effect on your family and friends? One way to balance your act is to let people know when you ARE feeling good.  If you’re happy and you know it… tell your face.

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6 Comments on “Tell your face”

  1. Sarah Rodriguez Says:

    How true this is.

  2. Tom Rosten Says:

    Dave- I enjoyed this post.I will have to remember to tell my face more often when happy and less often when upset. However, a tranformative smile probably does more for me than anything else.


  3. Chris Anthony- Lansdowne Says:

    Yes!!! David !! So true!!! Our face reveals it all..and if you wanna go deeper, look into the eyes….

  4. Annette Williams Says:

    Great story David. I love those moments when a total stranger flashs a smile and says something nice. It just makes my day. Recently, I took the train into the city. When I got off the train and was looking around for where to go next… it was obvious to the transit employee that I had no clue.. but with a great big smile he was happy to direct me and wish me a good day. You never know how much someone might need that smile on your face.. it’s a random act of kindness that’s doesn’t cost a penny…and takes no time at all. I guess you could say a smile is like a politically correct hug.

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