Charles Atlas Day 28

Chapter 4 is underway and my stomach hurts.  The Charles Atlas nine-exercise ab workout is surely just as tough as any Hip Hop Abs or P90X infommercial would boast.  I also just experienced the first exercise that I cannot do – the equivalent of a gymnast doing an “L Sit” on an armchair.  Not only am I worried about busting the arms off my dining table chair, I’m worried about spraining something in my own arms. 

Charles Atlas calls this exercise vigorous, and to work into it slowly, so I am not giving up.  I am doing these L Sit dips with one foot on the floor until I have the strength to support my whole body.  I could do this when I was 25. I know I can do it again.

My chest and upper arms are really showing results from consistent morning and evening exercise so far, so I’m trusting that my abs will follow.  You guys all know how tough it is to get rid of that last little layer of fat on the stomach so your abs can show through.  I’m going for it.

One more quick word on the mental toughness required for fitness.  The most amazing thing I did last week was resist eating a piece of apple pie a la mode that was put in front of me at a business dinner.  I said no, but my good friend wanted to share and “distribute the wealth” anyway.  I stared at it, looked up and then glowered at it again as it called to me in its sweet little high-pitched voice,  “Oh, one little bite won’t hurt. Come on the ice cream is melting.”  I defeated the pie by covering it up with a napkin and silencing its little voice forever. 

My Favorite Charles Atlas Quote of the Week:

“It is all very well to have strong arms and a grip of steel, but of what use are these unless the abdominal area is in perfect condition?” – Charles Atlas

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