Charles Atlas Day 13

I wasn’t kidding… I am sticking with it!  Two weeks down and ready to move on to Chapter 3.  Each section gives new exercises to add to the daily routine, but not before being treated to nutritional and motivational advice. Overall the advice has been pretty solid – no white flour, watch the bad carbs, etc.  

However, cutting out coffee and tea (“poison to the body”) is a hard one. I’ve still got $30 in Starbucks gift cards from Christmas!  Good thing they carry fruit juice and sandwiches.  I’ve also taken to warming up orange juice in the morning as a coffee substitute.

Another bit of charming advice from the 20’s.  “You are especially urged to beware of the common practice of getting a light lunch of a soda and a slice of cake. What nourishment is this? Very little. Yet millions of men and women are doing this every noon.”  Maybe the Great Depression was really caused by everyone coming down from their sugar buzz all at the same time?

I’ve been doing the upper body exercises religiously every morning and every night.  And you know what?  It works.  I’ve put almost 2 inches on my chest in just 2 weeks.  Yes it hurts, but it’s growing.  Could it be that consistency is more important than which exact exercises you do?

I am struggling a bit with an old sprained wrist injury that forces me to do the dip pushups on my fists instead of my hands. I found the old velcro wrist brace that gives it a little more support.  No pain, no gain.

Just peeked at Chapter Three and it looks like the Hip Hop Abs are coming. Or maybe it was the Charleston Abs back then.  But first I get to learn about “digestive and intestinal maintenance”…  oooh I can’t wait!

My favorite Charles Atlas Quote of the week:

“Remember, you cannot increase the size of your muscles and round out the body to perfection living on a split pea and a glass of water. You’ve GOT to eat.”

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