Not that far away

Island nation full of souls

Earth breaks and the ground rolls

Rolls again and the house falls

I cannot breathe, can’t see the walls

Where’s my brother he was just here

When will the dust cloud start to clear?

It’s dark, it’s cold and I cannot see

Is someone coming to rescue me?

The voice is muffled but musters hope

It’s coming closer, there’s a rope

Pulling, the slab slides to the right

My eyes are blinded by the light

My lungs expand, my legs are free

I see the people who rescued me

Digging with haste could they possibly

Find the rest of my family?

My friends, the earthquake in Haiti is a tragedy of biblical proportions.  If you have the means, give now to the relief effort.  Then schedule another gift in 30 days.  We are once again showing the world how we respond to humans in need. Share this poem with your friends if you think it will help make a difference.

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3 Comments on “Not that far away”

  1. Thanks Dave. I will follow suit. In one simple sentence you have perfectly described the Haiti catastrophe. It will be some time and with much effort that the Earth and Humanity feels a healing.


  2. Patricia Cox Says:

    We have sent money through our church missions that is already there and has been for many years. I like the idea of sending to folks that already understand some of the people there and know how to help.

    I loved your poem! It is always so exciting when they pull some one out alive! Everyone’s heart cheers.
    I remember how our whole country was emotionally involved when they were trying and did rescue baby Jessica who had fallen down a pipe well many years ago. Love, Mom

  3. Gus Says:

    Great thoughts, great words and deeds,

    The people and the world, they feed…

    Thanks for sharing, Dave! Toti

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