Top 10 of 2009

Everyone else is doing a year-end countdown, so here is mine.  For the benefit of newer readers, you may have missed one of these ten most visited stories since I started the blog last January:

10.  That’s a stretch – One of many posts dedicated to dedication… and reaching goals you thought you’d never reach.

9.  Brother Max – A colorful character from college with an important message.

8.  Welcome to the jungle gym – One way to get ahead in your career.

7.  Dead air dynamics – Linked from my company’s “Ideas in Motion” blog.

6.  Tiger reality check – It’s safe to say everyone was talking about Tiger Woods that week.

5.  Facebook is not a charity – I’m amazed at the audacity of some people.

4.  You’ll shoot your eye out kid – “Anything, including candy, can be made into a weapon.”

3.  When to stop – Yosemite story – I came close to witnessing a death on Half-dome. I later made the whole climb and took an amazing photo.

2.  Just keep going – An emotional reaction to a kid I met on the train.  I wrote this in 30 minutes with no edits… it just came pouring out.

1.  No shortcuts – Who knew that Charles Atlas was such a highly searched keyword?  Stay tuned for a follow-up on this story coming soon.

Thank you again for reading, commenting and passing along to your friends.  Have a fantastic and fulfilling 2010!

David Goad

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2 Comments on “Top 10 of 2009”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thank you David for your constant flow of incredible stories and your natural ability to inspire folks!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Remember to talk about the amazing company that Charles Atlas started Charles Atlas, Ltd.
    What a great course and a great company! Mr. Atlas inspired me to get fit and also to help others! Thanks Mr. Atlas!

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