Can’t make this stuff up #2


Just wanted to share some more random and entertaining stuff overheard on the ACE train.  All of these actual comments were collected from one continuous 20-minute conversation between 2 guys sitting behind me.  To the best of my knowledge, there were no drugs involved.

You know the name of the company Google? It’s not an acronym. It’s a number one with a thousand zeros after it. Look it up. (Editor’s note:  Actually it’s spelled googol, short for googolplex, which has 100 zeros.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him.)

Who would win in a battle between a leopard and a gorilla?  Don’t bet any money on the leopard.  That’s like Tyson and Holyfield… one punch.

Look up “bunny rabbit and a python” on youtube. It’s sick, man. The punk-ass snake tries to climb a tree to get away from the bunny.

Why would you have a girl with the last name kamikaze?

Wild duck is very gamey. Have you ever had a grouse?

I knew a guy who had a crawdad farm in his backyard.  It’s a lot better than raisin’ chickens I’ll tell you that.

What about a beaver fighting a snake? You’d have to know if the beaver was overweight.  If he is… he’s never gonna get it. Who sang that?  Destiny’s child? No, En Vogue.

The water moccasin is the Lance Armstrong of snakes. Don’t count him out.

I give them good marks for having a general “animal” theme, but the plot needs to be tightened up, don’t you think?

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