Recession pep talk #3


Has the death of Michael Jackson pushed the recession out of the headlines, or are things really getting better?  I’m not talking about leading economic indicators.  I’m wondering what’s going on inside your mind.  Aren’t you tired of worrying and behaving like things are going to get worse?

I’m not being naïve – there are real economic forces at play.  People are hurting from months of unemployment.  Retail operations have shortened hours and closed locations.  It’s harder to borrow money.  But these “reactions” are a reflection of what is going on inside the collective consciousness of consumers around the world.  Just like the cycle started downward when consumer confidence started to slip, the economy will cycle back up when confidence is restored.  So what kickstarts confidence? 

Maybe we can influence the point that the bungee cord reaches its elastic limit and start to fly upward again.  Maybe we shouldn’t wait for news anchors who make their living on bad news to tell us when the cloud will lift.  Maybe we can start lifting ourselves through our own will power, attitude and action.  Set your fear aside, take some forward-looking steps and tell your friends about it.  With the speed that good news travels through social media channels, the ripple can grow into a wave.

The choice is yours.  Wait for another shoe to drop, or go shopping for some new shoes.  Who wants to take the first step?

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