Life tasting


Connoisseurs know how to taste fine wine.  You look at it, swish it, smell it, say something intelligent, close your eyes, take a sip, let it sit on your tongue and then… spit it out?  What’s up with that?!  Apparently this practice allows you to taste many more wines at the same sitting without getting rip-roaring drunk.  I always found this a curious behavior, if not a little gross.  As a kid who was taught never to waste food and drink, wine tasting seems like an incredible waste to me. 

We don’t spit out fine chocolate after tasting it, just because the calories are bad for us (though it might be fun to watch people try.)  “Gee Muffy, this 68% Brazilian Cacao with Almond is just delightful… ptooey!!” 

I say choose a few less wines and drink them in with full gusto.  And wouldn’t it make sense to apply the same approach to your goals in life? Pick fewer goals and go after them with more focus and enthusiasm?   If you attempt too many new activities all at the same time, you may not really experience the fullness of each one, and come away discouraged or unsatisfied.  That’s a shame. 

I just took a second look at my “life tasting” list – personal goals that I want to achieve this year.  I put the cork back into a few and staggered the rest to roughly 30-45 days apart, giving plenty of time for each one to breathe.  So far I’m enjoying each challenge and haven’t had to spit out anything.  Shouldn’t life tasting be about the quality, not quantity, of goals you achieve?  Drink it in!

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One Comment on “Life tasting”

  1. Aimee Leach Cart Says:

    So very true, David! What a fabulous analogy. Thank you for the perspective.

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