Ctrl Alt Defeat?

ima PC

Hi, I’m a PC. Not the nerdy guy in the commercials, but a genuine PC user.  I have nothing against the Mac.  I use whatever laptop my company gives me.  And since I’m familiar with Windows, I’ve also bought PCs for my family at home.  Like most people, I stick with the system I learned on, because the change doesn’t seem worth the effort. 

Though now I must admit… Apple has my attention.  Big kudos to TBWA/Media Arts Lab for producing the long-running ad campaign with 2 actors personifying PC and Mac.  In a very entertaining way, Apple keeps driving home the perceived advantages of the Mac OS over Windows – less viruses, less crashes, less headaches.  You Macintoshies will know whether this is actually true or not (no technology is perfect) but every time I get a virus or reboot my crashed PC, I think of those commercials.  And I don’t laugh.  I nod my head silently in agreement.

Microsoft is trying to fight back with their own commercials, depicting small business owners, graphic artists and cool young people claiming to love their PCs.  (Funny rumor:  these commercials were made on Macs by Microsoft’s agency.)  Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” spots are well done overall – especially this cute one – but honestly they just remind me about the funnier, edgier Apple commercials and come across as a little desperate.  Suddenly, the market-leading gorilla is like Avis – “We’re #2 but we try harder.”

So let’s hear from the Cult of Mac out there, especially those who switched from PC. Tell me why I should switch to a Mac and what I would specifically gain from the change.  I’m too old to care about being cool, so you can skip that storyline. And I don’t hate Bill Gates or feel like rebelling against a large successful corporation (I actually work for one.)  I’ve got a Dell laptop and a Blackberry, and I’m ready to take the punches. Bring it.

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4 Comments on “Ctrl Alt Defeat?”

  1. I switch back and forth between the two platforms. Unless you’re able to live completely in a Mac-based world, you’re forced to learn both interfaces. Even though I’m an IT person, I like the fact that I don’t have to worry as much about having to configure every new application, or whether I have the right drivers for whatever hardware I’m trying to use…..

    For media input (music, video, photos), the Mac wins hands down. For the corporate apps (MS Office, Blackberry sync, etc.), the Windows machines have an edge. The Mac equivalent for Outlook (Entourage) doesn’t work nearly as well as Outlook.

    So, it’s a mixed bag. I love my Mac, but the world is made up of lots of PC’s, so for now, I have boots in both camps.

  2. pmoran36 Says:

    I am a Mac. I used to be a PC. Before that I was a Mac. I spend 12+ hours a day most days interacting with my “machine” (keep your jokes to yourself, mister). The elegance of the user experience – the attention to detail — and thus to ME – the user – just makes it “worth it.”

    Worth what? Well.. that’s a good question. I have been lucky to have companies foot the bill for most of my electronic gadgets, as you seem to as well. If faced with the price difference of a Mac to a PC with “my own money” — I may sing a different (i)tune.

    That said — the iPhone fundamentally changed the way I consume information from that web thing. I was a 10 year BlackBerry and Palm use veteran, and thought I knew what it meant to be connected — the iPhone made me instantly say “aha!” and at once I understood what guys like John Chambers is talking about when he speaks about the mobile web. I am a user experience junkie — and the iPhone — with all its quirks – delivers a great experience. I thought BlackBerry did — until I spent a day with my beloved, warm, peaceful, lovable, huggable iPhone.


  3. davidgoad Says:

    Patrick, thanks for weighing in. I envy the relationship you have with your iPhone. Sounds like you are a very happy couple. When it’s time to snuggle… there’s an app for that.

  4. Andy Jerger Says:

    The following comments really have nothing to do with PC or Mac. It’s just that as I read your blog (the part about being number 2 and trying harder) it reminded me of something that happened in college. Hang in there with me it’s slightly entertaining.

    I was in a marketing class and my team was given an assignment to create a marketing campaign for a feminine hygiene product (tampon). We were provided with various details regarding the brand. One of the details was that our brand was number 2 in marketshare, so of course the theme to the campaign just had to be; “We may not be number one, but we’re right up in there”. Ba dum bump. Thank you, thank you very much. I’ll be here all week. Tee shirts and CDs are on sale in the lobby. Don’t forget to tip the wait staff. You’ve been a great audience……

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