Your favorite martian?

venusI was talking recently with a friend of mine who considers himself a real man’s man.  He made a sweeping, but interesting, generalization about women.  He said “most women just expect a man to be strong…showing too much emotion is a weakness.”  Is there some truth in that statement?


In his book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, author John Gray gives advice on male/female relationships, and describes men and women as inhabitants of different planets.  He points out that the residents of both planets should just acknowledge the differences in their customs and tendencies instead of expecting the other side to be more like them.  This interplanetary “diversity training” is the alleged key to universal harmony.


But what happens when one of the mighty warriors of Mars exhibits natural proclivities only found in the indigenous tribes of Venus?  Like crying at the end of Extreme Home Makeover when they shout “move that bus!!”, or melting at the sight of a baby’s smile, or expressing that feelings have been hurt.  Yes, sometimes even the manliest of men have feelings.


I want to encourage all of you Venutians to see this as a strength, and not a weakness.  Because I think it takes a lot more strength to show your soft honest inside than it does to maintain a strong outer shell…. when you’re a Martian.


What do you think?  Comments are welcome from both orbits.



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