Can’t make this stuff up


 I was riding on a commuter train this afternoon, and for the most part it was a relaxing and productive time for me. I usually put on my noise-cancelling headphones and tune out the other travelers, but today I couldn’t help but overhear 4 loud people talking and laughing behind me. 


I was working on my laptop, and just half-listening to the conversation, but I had to write down these actual sound bites that jumped out at me:


  1. If you microwave a hot dog for about 10 minutes, it becomes hot dog jerky and you know… it tasted pretty good.
  2. I got stuck in an elevator on Friday 13th and said “Dang, how unlucky is that?”
  3. My 6 year old was having nightmares so I told him to man up.
  4. This guy in Ogden drank a case of Coors light every day for 8 years – he had like 70,000 uncrushed cans in his townhouse.
  5. Most men, I think, have tried a dog biscuit.

Sometimes you don’t need to hear the whole story for the punch line to be funny, and I’m not sure I even WANT to know the context of #5. 

I must say the whole dialogue was more of a babbling brook than a stream of consciousness.  And it was interesting how much it resembled the “conversations” I read in social media.  Yes, before the Facebook Wall was ever invented, there was… this stuff.


Maybe it’s time to buy some better headphones.


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