Good, fast and cheap


I used to head up marketing for a software startup company.  We needed to outsource a lot of work, including website design, so I found a local design firm to interview.  After I spelled out what we needed along with the urgent timeframe to the firm’s owner, he looked me in the eye and said,


“David, our work can be good, fast and cheap.” 

I said “Great! When can we start!”

“Not so fast… I said our work CAN be good, fast and cheap, but you only get to pick 2 out of the 3.”


“Aaah… I can get a good quality website fast, but it won’t be cheap.
Or I can get it good and cheap, but it will take a long time.
Or I can get fast and cheap, but it definitely won’t be good.”

“Now you got it!”

Isn’t it the same with our business communication?  Rarely are you going to get good, fast and cheap all in the same effort.  And if you always rely on fast and cheap, you can’t expect to get good results with your audience.  Don’t skimp on the QUALITY of your communication… it will be worth the price. 


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3 Comments on “Good, fast and cheap”

  1. Stephen V. Richardson Says:

    Ahhh… The creative juices continue to flow! Nice observation! Say what you mean… Mean what you say… and listen to the words people are using. Keep ’em coming, David!

  2. Patricia Cox Says:

    Tell yourself there is always time to say what is important and one tends to relax and become more eloquent.

  3. Ian Moore Says:

    Good article Dave – thanks.

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